Ravedesign: Indias Premier 360 degree Design Company for Retail Stores & Shopping Centers

Rajan Vernekar,  PartnerDesign firms have become vital in shaping the physical and visual landscape of the world by providing specialized services that create unique and immersive shopping experiences for customers. With their expertise, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail, design companies play an increasingly significant role in the retail and shopping center industry. RAVEDESIGN is considered as India’s premier 360 degree design company for retail stores & shopping centers, with projects pan India, providing international quality design solutions yet affordable and bringing in vast experience.

With a proven track record in handling various aspects of shopping center design as well as retail store designs, the firm offers a unique mix of design services, including master planning, architecture, interiors, signage design, place making retail design and fitout consultancy. The company is well recognized in the industry, is process driven, and the team is completely approachable, dependable and great people to work with! RAVEDESIGN’s expertise and experience make the firm a reliable partner for clients looking to create a memorable and engaging shopping experience for the customers be it a shopping center developer or a retailer.

Design Excellence
Established in 2015, RAVEDESIGN was set up by Rajan and Sangeeta Vernekar, both having over three decades of experience in the retail and shopping center industry with Rajan Vernekar having led planning & design for 35+ award-winning malls and Sangeeta Vernekar having directed retail excellence and marketing & communications for 8 malls. The duo entered India’s retail industry during its early stages, learnt from the finest minds and contributed to the creation of some of the best award-winning properties and retail stores. The founders decided to start their own company to contribute to the industry in a different way, feeling that it is a logical continuation of life paths. The mission and vision have always been to set a benchmark in design excellence and contribute to the retail and shopping center industry.

RAVEDESIGN has a vast experience of designing retail store identity for the first time retailers as well as national level & international level brands. The firm has designed all types of formats such as a small jewelry store to hypermarkets & departmental stores to F&Bs. And similarly as far as shopping centers are concerned the firm has consulted to a small mall in tier II city
as well as some of our country’s largest mall management companies with largest portfolio of giant shopping centers. ‘It’s all about creating a brand experience!’ In the short span of seven years, the company has already contributed to over 27 malls, 15.5 million sq. ft. of retail space, evaluated over 4400 store designs, and designed over 350 stores and counting. “It has been a fabulous journey, and we will continue striving for excellence in this field”, adds Rajan.

Comprehensive Design Solutions
RAVEDESIGN provides a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of retail brands and shopping center developers. For retail brands, the company offers brand identity development, new concept development, visual merchandising and fixture designs, graphics and in-store communication, in store technology integration, roll outs, adaptations, and audits of trading stores. For shopping center developers working on greenfield projects, the firm offers master planning, architecture, interiors of common areas and food courts, way finding signage design, place making. For shopping center developers working on upcoming or trading projects, RAVEDESIGN offers mall design audits, common area design for interiors, facades, circulation, revamp of trading shopping centers.

RAVEDESIGN is India’s premier design company for retailers & shopping centers with 360 degrees solutions

One unique service RAVEDESIGN offers is that it handles all the ongoing fitouts and review & approvals of retailer’s designs on behalf of the mall developers. This means the firm develops retail criteria manual for tenants, handles all aspects of tenant coordination for fitouts, reviews and approval of tenant store designs, and manages the fitouts on site.

Sangeeta Vernekar, Partner
“We offer solutions for the retail and shopping center industry, backed by collaborations with international designers and architects and a focus on providing quality customer service”, says Rajan. Under the need based strategy RAVEDESIGN partners with international domain experts and associates in architecture, interiors, store design, lighting, landscape, and signage.

The RAVEDESIGN team comprises young and experienced retail specialists, retail architects, 3D visualizers, and graphic designers, along with teams of associates for MEP, technical services, and sustainability. The company’s culture of ‘being great people to work with’ is evident in its approach to customer service and passion for both small and large projects.

Overall, the firm provides a one-stop solution for all design needs in the retail and shopping center industry, backed by a talented and dedicated team of professionals. RAVEDESIGN will hold its position as a top & much sought after design associate in the segment.

Rajan Vernekar, Partner
Rajan is an experienced industry veteran with a career spanning over three decades, focusing on design development and management for retail and mixed-use projects. He has led the design process for premier shopping centers in India, curating brand experiences for retail brands. He is an alumnus of IDC- IIT Bombay, is a TEDeX speaker, an often invited Masterclass & guest speaker in Design Schools & and also in relevant industry forums. He is recognized as a retail and shopping center design leader in the industry.