Raynhart Technologies and Systems: Energy Utility, Water Tech & Urban Farming

Ramakumar Purushothaman,   Managing Director

Ramakumar Purushothaman, Managing Director

Correct implementation of experience is the prime forte of an industry veteran. Energy utility has always been a passion for Rama Kumar P who has spent years in this industry and wanted to develop products in this sector. With experience and knowledge of the domain as his weapons, he launched Raynhart Technologies and Systems, a startup based on technology and renewable resources which has the capability to make a mark in the industry with its world changing innovations. "The idea is to integrate the IoT technology to the conventional systems and change their interface. We want to predominantly build this business on water and power. We ventured into the solar energy sector and started building solar energy verticals. Later did the idea of urban farming came up, as it is related to both power and water,", says Rama Kumar P, Managing Director.

The Challenges Addressed
Lack of transparency in information is the prime challenge in the renewable sector. Proper
conveyance of business and technical know hows is a dire necessity of this industry. As it stands, consumers are aware of the technological advancements but are ignorant of their advantages and disadvantages. For the acceptability to grow, more communication is necessary. "Fundamental challenge is people are aware of the technology at a higher level. We have to go to them and explain to them the advantages of the uses and how can this be implemented into their requirement, be it commercial application or an industrial application or a large scale power plant", says Ram.

"Raynhart has acquired few business partners in the Middle East who are based out of Dubai and Oman"

Understanding the Product Line
Raynhart is currently working on three projects, two of which are out in the market, and the development of the third is in process. First is the Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner which holds the capability to save 60 percent of the overall energy cost. This is perhaps one of the Raynhart products which is gaining a lot of appreciation and acceptance throughout the state of Tamil Nadu. Ram speaks, "We have done our first project with one of our industrial customers in Tamil Nadu in September. Compared to a conventional air conditioner in terms of cost it is high by 30 percent but when you look at long term power saving especially for a commercial customer who is looking at an application like this, he needs continuous use of 10-12 hours a day and when he does that,
the power bill is one of the major concerns.

"Pertaining to water treatment, Raynhart has partnered with a Spanish organisation for an IOT based Atmospheric Water generators which generates potable water from Air with capacities starting from as low as 50 litres per day to 5000 litres per day, suitable for industrial and remote applications. The company also represents Smarter Homes and through them set in motion the smart water meters into the market. "The feedback is very positive especially in a market like Chennai where controlling the usage of water is a big challenge and ground water sources are not very good and most of the apartment complexes are buying water, they need to have a control over the usage. Recently, atmospheric water generator for domestic level application has been launched. It is an equipment which generates portable water from air", says Ram.

The Road towards Success
As a startup, Raynhart has made its presence felt across the state of Tamil Nadu. In addition to his, it has acquired a few business partners in the Middle East, who are based out of Dubai and Oman. With much hope, dedication and support, the company expects to break even by the middle of 2019. "The target is that in 5 years we should be having significant presence in at least two locations outside the country", concludes Ram.