Renderwise Solutions: Using 3D printing & CAD for spreading smiles

Rahul Agrawal, Co-founder

Ruchi, Rahul, Sanjay & Dr.Nidhi

With 3d printing increasingly becoming cost-effective, what seemed to be a dream earlier is now turning into a reality. With the help of technology, we can take scans of body parts, generate custom devices on them and produce them with very high precision. Delhi based Renderwise Solutions was born out of an idea – One size does not fit all. The company was incepted with the sole aim of bringing personalized healthcare medical devices with uncompromised quality to India that were either not available or were out of reach of an average Indian family. “Lack of innovation in medical space in India caught our attention, as the founders shared the common dream and possessed complementary skills, we ventured out. To mark the seriousness about the business, we decided to bootstrap the startup with our own funds,” says Rahul Agrawal, Co-founder.

Established in 2017, Renderwise solutions private limited is an ISO 2015:9001 certified health care and engineering start-up structured to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders while providing the solution to the end
customer at a very attractive price. “We are better equipped technically & socially to serve the Indian population by providing patient specific solutions at best value for money,” he adds.

" Renderwise'first commercial product is focused on the orthodontic market for teeth alignment solutions"

Best in Class Products
Renderwise’ first commercial product is focused on the orthodontic market for teeth alignment solutions. The company has its own trademarked products named Alignwise & 32 Watts that are offered to dentists and orthodontists to be used for patients to provide corrective teeth alignment solutions. Traditionally,this was done through metallic wires called Braces.

“A new technology has disrupted the teeth alignment solution with an invisible, simple looking, plastic tray that does wonder on a person's teeth. Progressively changing these invisible plastic trays called Clear Aligners leads to complete teeth alignment. Benefits are not just limited to aesthetics. Corrective teeth alignments also treat pain & discomfort, improves oral hygiene and prevents periodontal diseases.” mentions Dr Nidhi Singh, Co-founder.

Prepared in a state of art plant imported from Germany, Clear aligners’ treatment planning is backed by high precision technology & our proprietary software for reviews. This comes backed with top end dental research and world-class raw
material to bring to you a comfortable, precisely fitting aligner. “Clear Aligners are flexible and can be removed by users with their own hands. This proves handy when eating, brushing or flossing”, she adds.

For creating need in the market, the company is depending on maintaining very high levels of customer experience and taking care of end user’s convenience.

“We ensure that the business gets built around maintaining very high levels of customer service and our ethos are tightly aligned with need-based sales. For this purpose, for our Clear Aligners, we have created an inhouse team of dentists who partner with doctors at every step in providing the aligner solution to the patient,” informs Dr Varun Grover, Co-founder.

The Growth over the Years
Since inception, Renderwise has come a long way. The team is entirely focused on making 32 watts a credible and reckoned brand and they are extensively doing training,programs,and conferences for doctors while providing them digital media support to educate end customers. “Going forward, our first target is to be operationally profitable in the first half of 2019 and subsequently launching our solution to other parts of the country and abroad. As a next, we will look for more similar devices that can be scaled up like Aligners to bring best in class and affordable healthcare devices to the people,” concludes Sanjay Pathak, Co-founder.