RESTACK: Unlocking Access to Institutional Grade Real Estate for the Retail Investors

Shaurya Singh,   FounderUncertainty continues to grip the equity and debt markets, despite the threat of pandemic which triggered these times of gloom having receded. Stability and predict ability have become the bywords for investors, especially retail investors. The savvy and informed are already aware that real estate can provide that shield. Infact, globally commercial real estate(CRE) and other private real estate assets have always had a sizable allocation in the portfolio of family offices, UHNIs and HNIs helping generate alpha in their portfolio along with added stability. Unfortunately, the large ticket sizes, and lack of access and information have always edged retail investors out of these assets. But technology is now democratizing access to these lucrative asset classes, a mission that is central to one of the leading PropTech startups RESTACK.

Founded by Shaurya Singh in 2021, Restack fractionalizes high value commercial real estate into minimum investment sizes of INR 10 Lacs, allowing access to a large number of retail investors who can make substantial returns through passive monthly income. The platform makes property investment simple and seamless through a fully digital investment and monitoring process. Through property administration, Restack manages all tasks including managing leases, overseeing maintenance and repairs, paying property taxes, and other property compliances. Its proprietary secondary market provides for greater liquidity for resale.

We aim to make a visible impact by opening up a new attractive investment avenue for the retail investor, that will help boost liquidity
to the real estate sector through these new set of fractional investors. Otherwise, such retail investors would make speculative investments in second homes with low yields leading to artificial inflation of home prices and accentuating the home affordability crisis”- Shaurya Singh.

RESTACK’s Founder Shaurya has over 17 years of expertise in real estate investing, advising, and fundraising at leading investment firms, where in he effectively created and scaled businesses. Managing investments in a Private Equity Firm, had made it apparent to him that quality CRE assets were beyond the means of any retail investor and the ones available to them, were substandard to invest in. RESTACK was born out of the desire to fundamentally alter this equation.

The Management includes industry experts from all critical domains of legal, corporate finance and risk management thereby ensuring robust deal selection/screening and structuring before they are made available the retail investor.

Restack was setup to empower the retail investor by providing them an EQUAL access as the large institutions to Grade A Commercial RealEstate

There has been good response from Investors in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, and NRI investors in the US and Middle East, highlighting the desire to invest through fractional ownership. In addition, we have received good traction on partnership opportunities with Wealth Managers to offer these alternative investment to their clients. We are now launching assets in Mumbai and Pune in the office and warehousing space. “adds Shaurya.

Under their corporate advisory practise, Restack concluded a $80 Million capital raise for a Bangalore based developer from a large global institutional investment firm against a portfolio of schools, commercial and residential properties.

Technology is central to making the distribution of fractional CRE to a large number of retail investors possible. The inhouse technology manages business operations, reducing ownership cost of these assets, in turn increasing investor returns. Custom built algorithms analyze properties across geographies and ensure robust underwriting of the transactions by increasing accuracy of predictions of real estate markets and by flagging risks.

By marrying technology and the expertise of sectoral experts, we are bringing the deal diligence and underwriting discipline that was hitherto available to only institutional investors, thereby delivering on our commitment to level the playing field for the retail investors." -adds Founder, Shaurya Singh.