Reys Sparkle: Using Science Backed & Dermatologists Approved Ingredients to offer Promising Skincare Range

Sunita Chabra,  Founder & CEO

Sunita Chabra

Founder & CEO

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable expansion in the herbal beauty care market, notably for herbal and ayurvedic beauty products. It is not unexpected that many new enterprises today only focus on advancing human well-being by utilizing Ayurveda. Since their foundation, major companies like Dabur, Himalaya, and VICCO have dominated this sector in India, however, as a result of evolving consumer preferences, new startups are also thriving in this sector. Rey's Majic beauty brand is investing in research to create better and more effective cosmetics to guarantee the finest quality of manufactured ayurvedic cosmetic products.

Rey's Majic is a new beauty firm, however, its parent company, Mattrix International, has been operating since 2009. The brand was created with the straightforward concept of fusing traditional Ayurveda knowledge with current skincare ingredients based on scientific study, including vitamins and nutrients that are all naturally derived and free of hazardous chemicals. "Since young age, I frequently felt self conscious about the imperfections in my skin and tried a variety of skin improving methods. I used to keep a log of every ingredient or composition I never imagined it would come in so handy, someday.

However, when people were unable to access salons because of the lockdown and COVID,

it was all 'Do It Yourself'(DIY). I grabbed that chance to start the Rey's Majic beauty foundation based on client demands so that people could take care of their skin and grooming at home", speaks Sunita Chabra, Founder & CEO, Rey's Majic, who lives by the motto, 'Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin'.

The products from Rey's Majic provide high performing, multi active options for various skin types. Both face, hair and body care solutions are available that target problems such as chronic acne, inflammation, pigmentation, premature aging, and preventative products. "We only use natural products we don't use essential oils because some of them can irritate the skin and create allergies. Therefore, we are raising awareness through our social media channels and other channels about the need to avoid such products and to always be aware of what concentration is best for your skin type", says Sunita Chabra, Founder. Also, the brand employs an ingredient list that is free of perfumes, parabens, and sulfates to ensure that the final product is non toxic.

Rey's Majic is proud of its ancient beginnings while also welcoming new ideas based on research studies for highquality products with optimal efficacy

Some organic businesses that produce all natural cosmetic items also utilize plastic for packaging but Rey's Sparkle tries to be particularly sensitive about how its carbon footprint affects the health of the earth, therefore the brand doesn't use plastic for packaging. "To preserve the effectiveness of the active substances in our products, we package them in glass jars or pump bottles. There is no need to be concerned about chemicals leaking into your skin care products because glass bottles don't contain any dangerous ingredients", shares Sunita Chabra. Rey's Majic is proud to offer skincare products with a high level of performance because its products are organic, free of harmful chemicals, and packaged in an environmentally friendly manner.

"We just debuted the master face cream, face lotions, face wash and also special glow skin range. We just introduced face oil, body and hair which is potent blend of six oils for maximum efficacy and no irritating ingredients like rosehip oil infused face oil, aloe vera based hair shampoo, conditioner, and serums. Being new to the sector, we are still developing our portfolio in response to the shifting needs of the market and the customers", signs off Sunita Chabra.