RIGHTGIFTING: Personalized Collection of Gifts

Thomas Biju    ,CEO
Biju Thomas, CEO

The Gifting industry over the years has miserably failed to do any sort of improvements in the personalization of products as its main feature. The choices of gifts have been quite limited for the customers. Since the art of gifting is something that we hold close to us, it is significant that the choice of gifts reciprocates the right feelings and good wishes for the person cherished. This is where Bangalore based RIGHTGIFTING comes in. The company provides a range of personalized custom made gifts – such as designer pillow covers or personalized fleece blankets, customized cushions, amongst others. “Even now when digital technology is growing in this industry, the number of companies that are using it to make personalised gifts remains few. This I believe is the main issue we are trying to address. With our dedicated website for personalised products, customers can customize anything on this website with their artwork, photo or text with our easy to use online canvas. It’s a springboard for your imagination and
creativity,”says Biju Thomas, CEO.

The main feature of RIGHTGIFTING website is complete personalisation. The website flow is smooth and it has a plethora of gift options to choose from. “The canvas we provide is so simple and the 10000 plus designs we have makes the journey of the creation of the personalised product, child’s play. Apart from our personalised products, a customer can buy the products as it is” informs Thomas. The website offers a huge range of personalized products which are continuously evolving and hence there is always something new to find.

"Since inception, RIGHTGIFTING has maintained a steady growth of 20 to 30 percent consistently"

The Ideation of RightGifting
RIGHTGIFTING is a new vertical of Right Interior Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which offers personalized unique designer products that are continuously evolving. During the course of work there, it was noticed that there were unlimited possibilities in digital fabric printing. “With the technology of Digital fabric printing, we forayed into Gifting Products which can be made with fabrics. With the Online Design Canvas which we were able to design in-house, we made it is easy for our customers to create personalised gift designs in the comfort of their home,” he informs.
Bearing the initial difficulties in terms of getting hold of web development partners to develop the website, the team finally employed own programmers who were able to develop the website in-house. “This delayed the project by more than 1.5 years. However, now we have a sturdy website that offers a wide range of products to suit any occasion and any age group,”he adds.

Measuring Success!
Since inception, RIGHTGIFTING has maintained a steady growth of 20 to 30 percent consistently. Its customer acquisition is steady and the number of visitors to the website is quite impressive.“As of now, we don’t have any investors or mentors. We are ready to go down that path once we make the company break even,”avers Thomas.

RIGHTGIFTING is currently revamping the entire site with more user -friendly features and better page flow to deliver a comfortable experience for the customers. Also, it has plans for more interior products and fashion dress to be included in the site. “This industry has the highest potential to grow in the world and being a pioneer we can be the leaders throughout and explore the possibilities of customised gifting. We are welcoming the customers to experience it; readers to just try it, partners and investors to be a part of the growth in the industry,” Thomas concludes on a positive note.