Roofsol Energy: Promoting Clean Energy Bandwagon by Providing Sustainable Solar Solutions

 Nilesh Mahajan,  Director and CEO

Nilesh Mahajan

Director and CEO

According to Mercom Research India, 46 percent of rooftop solar capacity was installed in the industrial sector in the third quarter of 2022, followed by 32 percent in the residential sector, 21 percent in the commercial sector, and the remainder in the government sector. India's solar energy sector has seen the emergence of hundreds of startups, and while those who specialize in rooftop solar installation produce the majority of the country's revenue, firms like Roofsol Energy have stepped up in this profitable niche markets to support India's ambitious renewable energy program that intends to wean the nation off of fossil fuels like coal.

Roofsol Energy is one of India's fastest growing Solar EPC players for Ground Mounted and Rooftop Solar PV Plant, innovating in all aspects of solar installation to better serve its customers. "We deciphered the gap in the solar energy sector and we knew that we could provide better solutions for both individuals and companies of all scales. The Solar panel is a growing industry with great promise that has the potential to become a household item like any other consumer durable, but only if we can overcome the greatest challenge, which is reducing the initial set-up cost while increasing capacity”, speaks Director and CEO, Nilesh Mahajan. The company has commissioned over 175 MWp of solar plants across India, with another 30 MWp under execution.

Roofsol Energy has established itself as a formidable contender in India's Solar EPC in C&I segment and has accomplished a significant amount of work all over India. In the region of North East India where no significant EPC player has yet established any foothold, Roofsol has accomplished solar projects in more than 50 tea gardens, which have been powered by Roofsol's installation, and thus have significantly reduced their energy costs. Roofsol Energy also serves other industries, such as Textiles, Dairy, FMCG, Pharma, Petrochemicals, Automotive and more. “To provide a one-stop solution to the customer in the C&I segment, Roofsol is expanding its footprint into utility-scale projects, particularly in the Open Access category. Through our investment partners in India, we work to offer our customers solutions both in the Capex and Opex modes”, reiterates Nilesh Mahajan with lot of excitement.

Roofsol Energy is one of India's fastest growing Solar EPC players for Ground Mounted and Rooftop Solar PV Plant, innovating in all aspects of solar installation to serve better

Roofsol Energy is dedicated to green and renewable energy, with the goal of making India a "Solar Nation," and offers a complete and diversified solution for every problem with cutting-edge technology and dependable engineering. The business offers turnkey EPC services for rooftop solar power installations that are both grid connected and off grid. “Since our inception, we have built ourselves a credible reputation of reliability and integrity by providing our clients timely and transparent information that is augmented by impartial advice and value-added service. And this is why our clients keep coming back to us they trust us to do the right thing for them”, says Nilesh Mahajan. The company's mission is to make solar energy affordable for all types of commercial buildings, such as malls, schools, and offices, so that they can generate electricity and promote, own, acquire, build, and maintain solar energy power plants with the best possible products, services, and expertise.

The company's expansion can be gauged by the fact that Roofsol Energy has quickly risen to become the fourth largest EPC player in the rooftop C&I market. “In the future, we hope to build the solar asset for ourselves and our investors in order to become an IPP.”, signs off a confident CEO.

With a presence in more than 8 to 10 countries outside of India, Roofsol aims to become a truly Indian multinational, and become the industry leader in the Solar EPC category within the next five years.