ROOHI Hotels Marketing & Consultants: A Strong and Dynamic Hotel Network System

Pallavi Verma, Rahul Verma,Directors & Co-Founders

Pallavi Verma, Rahul Verma

Directors & Co-Founders

For any brand across the globe, revenue is considered to be the key aspect. No matter, how well the brands perform, if they are not able to handle their branding & marketing effectively, then it is definitely going to affect their bottom-line. A similar scenario was seen in the hotel business of the country, which is considered to be one of the most lucrative businesses within the hospitality industry. However, in recent years, the industry has witnessed a high level of competitions which eventually has led hotel owners and operators to search for new ways to yield a high return on their investments. Specifically, it seems to be more difficult for individual business owners and operators.

Led by the husband-wife duo ROOHI Hotels Marketing & Consultants is one such company in the sales & marketing space that assist the hoteliers and operators with a very specific process and system driven to exclusively handle the complete sales & marketing and branding of luxury to economy hotels across the country. Explicating on the inception idea, Rahul Verma, CEO & Co-Founder & Pallavi Verma, Director & Co-Founder says, “Being in the industry for a quite long time, we realized that the core aspect of branding, sales & marketing was assumed to be a third party thing among the industry people. Therefore, in order to revamp the entire thought process, we decided to launch a company that deals with end-to-
end branding, sales & marketing for hotels.”

Known to be a company 'For Hoteliers, By the Hoteliers', ROOHI is a professionally managed, ethical and an innovative sales and marketing company that offers a range of marketing services,sales representation and consulting solutions to independent standalone, privately owned and chain hotels, resorts and destinations. The company was quick to figure out the underlying challenges such as hotel upgradation, expansion, getting the right people on board and others.“At ROOHI we intend to address the constraints through our insights, market intelligence, networking and more and create exceptional outputs & deliverables for the clients,” asserts Rahul.

"Recently, the company has started a niche segment in talent management and property acquisition for its clients by applying its local knowledge and expertise"

A-Z Hotel Branding& Sales Representation Services
Flagging of the journey with dealing with only hotel marketing and sales representation to capture the market, ROOHI at present caters its services in three different entities – Hotel Management & Franchise, Hotel Marketing & Sales Representation and Hotel Consulting. The company not only empowers the independent owners and operators to compete with the nationwide & worldwide chains but also provides service designed to meet individual brand needs and increase their financial return. In terms of consulting, ROOHI renders the necessary top-level hospitality consulting service that maximizes the value of the clients’ investments. Moreover, it offers the best possible package of hospitality marketing consulting services and meets their desired outcomes. He adds,“We evaluate local, national & global opportunities to develop sales & marketing strategies and curate
solutions through our rich knowledge and experience”.

Recently, the company has started a niche segment in talent management and property acquisition for its clients by applying its local knowledge and expertise. Also, for Hotel Management & Franchise, ROOHI HOSPITALITY GROUP is soon going to connect with a Bangkok based International Hotel Management Company –‘The Staarbridge International SIHM as a Master Franchise Partner (INDIA), to operate and manage luxury to economy hotels & resort in India. ROOHI Staarbridge SIHM has launched 7 international brands to meet all the needs of business and leisure travellers seeking comfort,attention, and high quality services. The seven brands include Seven Seas,StarGates, StarLights, Nova Boutique,Fairyland, SunnyLion and Sky House.

On this alliance, the duo jointly expressed, “This alliance will empower us to reach more geographies than ever before and support hotel owners & operators to maximise result in three fundamental areas- People, Property and Profit along with making us a trusted brand in hospitality.”

Mumbai headquartered ROOHI with presence in Pune, Gujarat and Bangkok has grown tremendously since inception.In addition, their strong relation with corporate houses & Travel Trade fraternity,Cutting Edge Technology-SEO,Social Media Channel, Reputation Management has enabled clients to garner tremendous RoI and earn a reputed name. Mentioning on the future roadmap ahead, Rahul concludes, “By 2019, we are expecting to have 25 hotels on-board under Franchise, Management & Marketing Module and expand our presence across North, South and East India along with setting up offices in Singapore and Srilanka.”