Roomee: Creating a Co-living ecosystem of vibrant communities

Ravichandran Annadurai, Founder & CEOThe co-living industry is estimated to be $12B by segment analysts. While this industry is unorganized and primarily dominated by PG operators gradually it is changing. Professional operators and investors are coming into this space. While there are co-living operators, Roomee is unique being the first market place. Based out of Bangalore Roomee is a curated marketplace that hosts pre verified properties and enables them with booking and other tools. As a technology platform, Roomee is fully app enabled that makes finding and booking co-living spaces easy. "We are trying to build a platform which will offer comprehensive services to millennial beyond discovery and booking. Properties which are enabled in Roomee platform are thoroughly reviewed and curated and hence dependable. Our endeavor is to create vibrant communities for the youngsters with quality long stay accommodation choices,"says Ravichandran Annadurai, Founder & CEO.

Properties hosted in Roomee come with various amenities it enables community living and makes living enjoyable. Many of the properties come with amenities like Party hall Gym, Sports centre, home theatre amongst others. Management also does conduct events on a regular basis which helps in bonding among the inmates. The focus is to build Roomee as a comprehensive co-live platform. The team aims at creating three layers that will help people to discover and book, have tools to operate on day to
day basis like paying rent, making requests and buy value added services which give whole some experience to youngsters. In addition to this, they are building a suite of applications as part of its Partner app to help property owners/operator to manage infrastructure maintenance, operations, inventory management and rent management. The Partner app is already live on Google store with Inventory management.

Creating a complete co-living ecosystem
Roomee is driven by three key themes Curation, comprehensive services and community. The founding team firmly believes that these three themes will help them to build a platform which will enhance the experience and quality of life of millennials. The company strictly follows a criteria and on boards co-living spaces only when they meet the requirements. Throwing light on, Ravichandran asserts, "We do not go behind volumes but properties which satisfy our themes. Our properties are significantly different from the market in general and they are laden with amenities and services and offer entirely different experience."

Roomee's endeavor is to create vibrant communities for the youngsters with quality long stay accommodation

It has incorporated tools like user friendly filters compare modules and rating mechanisms to make sure customers are able to select the best property suitable to their needs and taste. "Unlike few co-living operators, we do not onboard flats/houses because that doesn't provide community living experience and social connect while it might solve the Infrastructure problems,"he adds.

Summing up the Journey
In last 18 months since it has gone online, Roomee has on boarded 94 properties with inventory of 5500 beds. It operates currently in Bangalore and has plans to expand to other cities as well. The company has recently started focusing on corporate clients and partnership with companies which brings associated services like food, fitness programs, and travel services.

Narrating the future roadmap, he avers, "Our focus for the future is two fold expanding our services and as well as geography. In the next 12-18 months period, we would like to expand to Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai and add services beyond booking as explained earlier. We would like to target hosting 400 properties and 25000 Beds on our platform. We also aim to expand to Tier-2 cities once we cover all the Tier-1 cities."