Rootnshoots: Pioneering Sustainable Hydroponics for Future Agriculture

  Abhishek,   Founder



In an era where sustainable agriculture is gaining paramount importance, Rootnshoots, a leading hydroponics services company, is revolutionising plant cultivation by harnessing soilless cultivation techniques using nutrient rich water as a medium to grow residue free crops. This sustainable approach offers higher yields while conserving resources, providing an efficient alternative to traditional farming. Established in Lucknow in 2018, Rootnshoots is committed to bridging the technological gap and elevating agricultural output quality.

“Our vision was to create a comprehensive platform, addressing the trifecta of infrastructure, technology, and market support, which few businesses offer. Infrastructure encompasses versatile options like shade houses and greenhouses. In terms of technology we kick-started with hydroponics and cost-effective solutions, gradually expanding into mushroom, and organic farming, and now venturing into floriculture and medicinal plants. We aim to provide sustainable agricultural solutions that reduce water usage, energy costs, and capital expenditure while promoting high-tech farming”, says Abhishek, Founder, Rootnshoots.

Harnessing Technological Advancements
Rootnshoots empowers growers to achieve optimal crop yields through hydroponic services such as indoor and outdoor hydroponic farm setup, polyhouse structure development, commercial and organic farming, and crop cultivation, with an online and offline training program. The company's
in house team has pioneered large scale automation, including drip irrigation systems for hydroponics and automated feeding systems. This proactive approach ensures growers receive prompt assistance, setting Rootnshoots apart from competitors. The company also invests in automation technology for farm design and provides agronomic support.

“Emphasizing Abhishek states, “Every farmer needs guidance on crop selection, seasonal planning, and cost-effective nutrient management so that they can maximize their revenue. Secondly, the use of fertilizers and pesticides has to be in a balanced form so that costs don't shoot up. We have our own experts and R&D team where we make our nutrition recipes and customized automation systems. In addition, the operational costs for a farmer decreases because our cost of fertilizers and pesticides is lower than the market's"

Furthermore, Rootnshoots' core team boasts expertise in various technologies tailored to specific crop requirements. For example, cultivating different types of mushrooms demands unique infrastructure and tech setups, while leafy greens and other creeper plants require different hydroponic technologies. The R&D team focuses on comprehending and mastering agricultural technologies, including creating artificial climates within polyhouses with precise temperature and humidity control. Custom dosing systems have been developed to automatically provide crops with their required nutrients.

Moreover, customized systems generate valuable data, forming a comprehensive database of each crop's nutritional intake and the emergence of potential issues. This technological infrastructure empowers farmers with enhanced monitoring capabilities for more effective farm management. Additionally, it enables precise and balanced application of pesticides and fertilizers, ensuring that products entering the market can compete effectively, including in international export markets.

Today, Rootnshoots stands tall as the largest hydroponic agrotech company in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, with a widespread presence in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. Their impact has garnered recognition, with the NDTV news channel recently bestowing them with the title of 'Icons of Bharat’, a testament to their expansive reach and influence.

“When it comes to boosting its farm portfolio, Rootnshoots is actively expanding its farm portfolio, particularly in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan due to their diverse agroclimates. Additionally, we want to provide training to students since they will be the leaders of our age in the future. Therefore, we are attempting to develop extracurricular courses and training modules for high school and college students to help them understand that agriculture is one of the sectors that require product innovation to make it sustainable and climate resilient, making them aware of the food they are consuming”, concludes Abhishek.