Royal EV : Nurturing Employee Development in Harmony with Personal Values & Goals

Viswanath Kari,  Founder & CEO

Viswanath Kari

Founder & CEO

Andhra Pradesh’s startup ecosystem has undergone a remarkable transformation, marked by a significant surge in the number of recognized startup ventures between 2019 and 2024. This surge has catalyzed a substantial expansion in direct employment opportunities, with recognized startups in the state contributing to a remarkable increase from 1,552 jobs in 2019 to an impressive 5,669 jobs in 2024.

However, within this state, many businesses struggle to offer employees adequate opportunities for career advancement, resulting in a negative work environment and compromised work-life balance. ROYALEV epitomizes visionary entrepreneurship through its unwavering commitment to values alignment and the cultivation of skill development avenues. This deliberate strategy not only acts as a magnet for elite talent but also serves as the cornerstone for fostering a thriving workplace ambiance.

ROYALEV, having navigated the industry landscape for half a decade, has firmly entrenched itself in the niche markets of tier-II and tier-III cities, leveraging its expertise and market insights. Established in Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, the startup has an extensive network of approximately 40 dealerships spanning in Indian subcontinent. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, the company places a strong emphasis on professional development by offering a diverse range of training programs.

These sessions not only enhance the skills and expertise of employees but also cultivate a culture of growth and adaptability within the organization. “Our entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind every endeavour, infusing the workplace with creativity and forward-thinking energy”, says Viswanath Kari, Founder and CEO.

Participation in Decision Making

ROYALEV values the contributions of its employees and actively involves them in the decision-making process by inviting their input and suggestions when proposing solutions. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among the workforce, ultimately leading to more innovative and effective solutions. Moreover, when it comes to designing new scooter models, the company recognizes the importance of leveraging the diverse perspectives of its employees. This inclusive approach not only improves the quality of the product but also strengthens employee engagement and morale.

ROYALEV promotes a culture where employees are empowered to explore entrepreneurship, acknowledging the capacity of young talent to spearhead initiatives & develop new products

ROYALEV also believes that sending employees to represent the organization in Expos serves multiple purposes. It not only offers them exposure to different markets and cultures but also allows them to develop crucial skills in negotiation, communication and market analysis. By being directly involved in Expos, employees can gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of customers world wide, enabling the company to tailor its products and services more effectively.

Furthermore, ROYALEV recognizes the importance of work life balance and social connections outside of work. To support this, the startup provides opportunities for employees to engage with their leaders outside of the office setting, typically once a quarter. Additionally, it facilitates family bonding by arranging outings for employees and their families twice a year. These initiatives not only strengthen relationships within the company but also contribute to overall employee satisfaction and well-being.

Moving forward, ROYALEV intends to launch ESOP in the near future. The firm is aiming to offer significant ownership stakes to their employees. Currently, they are finalizing the financial aspects and once completed, they will provide employees with substantial ESOP opportunities. The company is also in the process of gearing up for an IPO, with a strong belief that it will bring significant benefits to its employees.