Rsmart: The Next Generation Aviation Software

Vinay Nerli, Founder & CEO,Varadharajan Chellappa, founder & COO

Varadharajan Chellappa, Founder& COO
Vinay Nerli, Founder & CEO

The industry of aviation is undergoing change with every passing day. The mix and match of different technologies is creating newer platforms that are not only user friendly but also establishes transparency in operations. Rsmart is a suite of cloud based products launched to cater to and serve the aviation industry. “We started our journey with airports in India and we are a significant player in the sector in India but have developed our customers in Europe, Caribbean and Indian Ocean as well as our first North American customer who is live with our PRM (Wheelchair service)at Toronto. We are working on IoT and mobile based solutions to challenge the established legacy software. We have 30000+ staff on our rostering solution many of whom areintegrated with our leave management and turnround management and billing modules. Our PRM application is live in India and Canada and 20,000+ services are performed every month and recorded on our mobile enabled Application”, says Vinay Nerli, Founder & CEO, Rsmart.

Rsmart has recently opened an office in Helsinki Finland for sales,support and R&D for its Blockchain initiatives in airline

What Does Rsmart do?
The Resource Management System(RMS)by Rsmart brings to the table the awareness of the operational needs and constraints and the expertise to work those out in order to arrive at a customised outcome.“We pride ourselves on us fitting into your operation and we don’t expect you to fit into a cookie cutter approach from Rsmart. Budgeting becomes easy, refore casting staff costs and identifying peak time staff or skills shortages becomes factual not opinions and guesses”, says Varadharajan Chellappa, COO.

" We started our journey with airports in India and we are a significant player in the sector in India but have developed our customers in Europe, Caribbean and Indian Ocean"

Aviation HR is a global resource management application that has been specifically designed to facilitate the changing work environment. Vinay states, “It covers leave management, staff availability status, duty preferences, rest preferences, all through a simple mobile application and helps monitor and control the service hours which links to the payroll and other systems.”

Through the Equipment Management System(GSE/ EMS)every GSE maintenance and repairs either scheduled or unscheduled can be efficiently managed and recorded. Varadharajan says,“GSE requirements can be matched to schedules meaning management can see at a glance where over or under capacity of each GSE type exists. This feature makes costing
for new customers and calculating the savings available on losing a customer easy and factual.” Also in this quarter Rsmart is launching its new IoT based cloud solution for Airport Asset tracking.

The Meet & Assist of Rsmart facilitates the VIP handling at any given airport. “The requests received on the portal, or received from the flight movement are picked up by Rsmart Meet Assist which helps to plan shift/roster for the agents and enables real time updates the service details. It supports the managers to do real-time allocation on the day-of-ops”, says Vinay.

What’s More to Look Out for
Apart from the above services that are currently being provided by Rsmart, there are several other functionalities associated with the software. These include a Learning Management System, PRM (Passengers and Reduced Mobility) Handling, Lounge Management System, Outstation Management System and Flight Handling and Billing.

The Impact on the Industry
With its cloud based futuristic products Rsmart has come across a long way with its innovations. On the same note, Vinay concludes, “Rsmart- GH product is a Complete Suite of modules specifically designed for Ground Handling companies across the globe. The Rsmart aviation product suite is designed for ground handlers, cargo handlers, Airlines and the Aviation stake holders to work smart and become profitable from day one of Rsmart product implementation. Rsmart enables you to make The BIG Switch.”