RupeeVest: Investment Solutions that Strengthen Your Financial Status

Varun Mundra,CEO & Co-Founder

Varun Mundra

CEO & Co-Founder

When considering investment avenues, the first challenge that almost every investor faces is a plethora of options. From stocks, bonds, shares and money market securities to mutual funds - every option presents its own set of pros and cons. It is difficult and confusing to choose appropriate investment avenues as their key features and benefits are not available in an easy to understand format.One such story is that of Varun Mundra. A few years back when Varun was looking to invest his surplus money in an appropriate mutual fund, he came across the tedious process starting from meeting the agent to signing a bunch of papers every time he made a fresh investment. He also faced difficulties in selecting funds according to his risk appetite and investment preferences. He realized that technology has grown manifold over the years, but the market still had a latent demand for a portal that could make investing easy & simple for everyone. Thus, he came up with the idea of RupeeVest an online investment and research platform for Mutual
Funds and Corporate Fixed Deposits.

Kolkata based start up, RupeeVest, understands the problems faced by individuals at the time of investing. Explicating it, Varun Mundra, says, “Financial service companies or agents often tend to give unsuitable or biased advice to customers,without providing the relevant information. We came up with a platform that provides accurate information about mutual funds along with analytical tools to make investment decisions easier.”

RupeeVest is an end-to-end platform that allows comprehensive research as well as seamless investments in mutual funds

One Platform – Numerous Solutions
Institutionalized as an online investment & research platform to provide a safe &hassle free investment experience,the company capacitates 'technology & in depth research’ as its key pillars. Started off with the vision to empower every individual to plan and execute core investment decisions, they have recently launched RupeeVest Investment Solutions. It is a wealth management technique which devises tailor made portfolios of mutual funds according to investors’ risk and return profile.
Investors without much knowledge about various financial products can also use it with ease.

The portfolios consist of top rated funds as per their proprietary Mutual Fund Rating Methodology. The rating algorithm has been developed using various data mining tools and advanced mathematics. Detailed performance track record of the top rated funds is available on their website.

To facilitate research and efficient flow of information, they have developed various interactive and analytical tools like Mutual Fund Screener, Mutual Fund Comparison, Stocks held by Mutual Funds, etc. Their primary aim is to help investors focus on relevant data and take informed decisions.

Empowers to Add Value in Investment Business
With a dedicated team and a cohesive working environment, RupeeVest empowers its employees to meet the customer's needs,thus promoting personal development and customer satisfaction. Witnessing a steady growth and planning to serve across the country with their online presence, Varun concludes, "We aim to bring various investment products under one roof and offer holistic solutions. Our future plan is to add PMS and Bond /NCD offerings to our existing product portfolio, develop an equity research platform for stock analysis and offer a professional quality fundamental and technical equity data to individual investors."