Rupitol Finance: Empowering Financial Solutions For All With Innovation & Inclusivity

Amit Bolia ,Founder & MD

Amit Bolia

Founder & MD

In today's ever-changing financial landscape, access to reliable and inclusive financial solutions is paramount for individuals and businesses. Recognizing this need, Rupitol Finance, a brainchild of Amit Bolia, a young entrepreneur, has emerged as a transformative force in the industry, offering a comprehensive range of financial services that cater to diverse needs. As an experienced entrepreneur with a roll-up sleeves mindset hailing from Rajsamand, Amit aims to be a backbone for aspiring individuals and young entrepreneurs, paving the way for new ideas – new beginnings. “Rupitol Finance, a Rajasthan- based NBFC, aims to serve India's unreached masses. We've grown rapidly by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and expanding our reach to meet a wide audience's financial needs. Rupitol has worked to transform Indian finance by empowering visionary individuals and women entrepreneurs”, states Amit, Founder & Managing Director, Rupitol Finance.

Secondly, understanding the need for quick and hassle-free cash solutions, Rupitol introduced the Insta Biz Loan. This unique product caters to businesses requiring instant funds without committing to longterm repayment plans. Offering a repayment period of just 100 days, Rupitol ensures that customers receive the funds within 24 hours, making it an attractive choice for those seeking immediate financial support. Rupitol has both secured & unsecured loan products designed for satisfying its customer's credit search. Furthermore, such convenient services are made possible by the company's cutting-edge technology. Technology has improved Rupitol's services since its founding. The company uses advanced solutions for seamless digital experiences such as E-sigining, E-KYC, penny drop, and more. Also, the introduction of QR codes will endeavor towards cent percent cashless collections.

Offering A Repayment Period Of Just 100 Days, Rupitol Ensures That Customers Receive The Funds Within 24 Hours, Making It An Attractive Choice For Those Seeking Immediate Financial Support

Rupitol's success comes from its dedicated team, low ticket size and LTV, paperless documentation and technology-driven model, diverse and affordable products, and unmatched Turnaround Time (TAT) in the competitive landscape. Moreover, with such exceptional services, Rupitol has achieved remarkable growth and profitability. In its first year, the company reported a profit of 15 lakhs, followed by 1.23 crores in the second year. In 2023, the company's profit soared to an impressive 4.09 crores. With a rapidly expanding client base and a strong foundation, Rupitol is well on its way to crossing 200 crores in book size in the upcoming fiscal year. As Rupitol continues its journey, it remains committed to achieving ambitious targets. With a goal to disburse 300 crores in the fiscal year 2024, the company is determined to expand its book size and increase its market share. The firm's digital transformation remains a top priority, ensuring that customers benefit from the latest technologies and seamless financial solutions.