SALIEABS: Deploying New Levels of Customization in IoT, Telematics and Wearables

Harsha Prasanna,  Raj Vigenesh & Manivanna,Co-Founder & CEOTime has transcended from requirements and use cases varying among customers, to a point where every customer seeks to avail multiple solutions. Re-engineering cost and time are two of the few bottlenecks that Customization puts forth. Salem, Tamil Nadu headquartered SALIEABS ventured into business with an intention to tackle the bottlenecks with innovative systems, tools and patented technologies. The company empowers customers to generate unique solutions and applications while keeping the cost and time of customization nearly zero. SALIEABS Electronics Engineers LLP is a technology services and product development company involved in digital innovation, automation, IoT, telemetry systems and customized electronic solutions design.

Led by two MS qualified co-founders possessing rich research experience in data acquisition systems, automation and control, SALIEABS rears up a team of qualified engineers.
The team’s skill set spans PCB design, firmware development and application (web/mobile), all centered on data acquisition and IoT. “With end to end skills and infrastructure, required for development of DAQ, automation and control systems, SALIEABS has been able to seed IoT from industries to wearables”, explains Harsha Prasanna, co-founder & CEO. With customizability and modularity, SALIEABS offers exceptionally short design schedules. Since the entire set of solutions is scalable and customizable, meeting regulatory compliance and risk mitigation is a onetime task which in turn nullifies certification costs and hence brings down the overall cost of the product.

The company has also debuted overseas to transform DAQ in oil and natural gas extraction industry

IoT, DAQ, Telematics and Wearables

SALIEABS’ telemetry solutionsare one of the very few in telemetry market that allow incredible level of user level customizability. The solutions, being compact in form factor, allows usage of multiple communication options viz, satellite, GSM, CDMA, RF, BLE, Wi-Fi & Xbee. They allow analog and digital interfaces of multiple voltage levels and protocols that enable a customer to use the solution for countless telemetry/ IoT needs.
The USP of this line of telemetry/IoT solutions is its availability with a graphical firmware development tool called Graph-Code, using which the customer can graphically program the functionality of the telematics/IoT solution without depending on SALIEABS for different customization requirements. The company has also debuted overseas to transform DAQ in oil and natural gas extraction industry in the USA, where SALIEABS’ solutions allowed the stake holders to view machine and manual data pertaining to oil mining on a computer screen, with negligible manual intervention. The IoT/telematics solutions has enabled the industrialists to have an insight on consumption-man power-production and hence visualize day to day profit & loss. “In our journey, we will ensure that even pens and pencils get their digital transformation and become smart”, proclaims Raj Vignesh, co-founder & CTO.

Having exhaustively dealt with macroscopic IoT & Telematics solutions, SALIEABS proceeded to endeavor into designing wearable IoT devices, by joining hands with an internationally accredited watch manufacturing company. “We are currently developing connected wearables for health and fitness telematics.”, adds Manivannan, GM, SALIEABS. With an objective to attain considerable market share and global accord in DAQ, telematics and IoT industry, SALIEABS envisions connecting machines, sensors, humans and things to induce ‘smartness’ and augment their connected performance.