Salt & Pepper Retail: The Friendly Online Grocery Store!

N.Saif Hussain, Managing Director,M. Vakil Ahamed, Chairman

N.Saif Hussain, Managing Director

M. Vakil Ahamed, Chairman

Creating value for every single rupee of Investor & Customer is what turns out to be the major driving force behind Kurnool based Salt & Pepper Retail. Committed to serve customers with genuine branded products at discounted prices, Salt & Pepper Retail delivers quality groceries, baby care products, home products, personal care products, organic products, household items and electronics at customer’s doorsteps.

The company was ideated in 2016 by its founders N. Saif Hussain, Managing Director & M.Vakil Ahamed, Chairman after their rigorous research on various businesses to find a viable sector to venture in. As they began to hunt for an industry that is unseasonal, most essential, sustainable and with great potential, they were driven back to the most prominent concerns of a human i.e. Roti, Kapda aur Makan (Food, Clothing & Shelter). This reasoned them to follow the sequence and the tech-loving duo ventured into the Grocery space.

Being aware of the industry chosen, they took the Quality & Price of the products to the hearts and deeply studied the components to build unique quality selecting & pricing techniques. Considering scalability, they opted to integrate the technology of internet/e-commerce in their concept. In the
year 2016, they came up with one
of the Andhra Pradesh’s best online grocery store named Salt & Pepper Retail with the website The rest is history.

Salt & Pepper Retail has projected the annual turnover of 100 crore rupees in the Kurnool city alone and has a long term goal to operate its business in the 100 largest cities in India.

“Our two-year business journey has been awesome with full of unique experiences that have helped us plan a well-tuned future of our business. Yes, there had been challenges in receiving payments and some other technical issues.But, the company reacted smartly & swiftly and migrated to the World-class hosting & payment gateway providers to eliminate all the issues. With the sound knowledge of web designing & digital marketing strategies, we have successfully designed a powerful & user-friendly website that tops-on in the search engine rankings,” speaks Mr. Hussain passionately.

Serving You Better
Over time, the team gained good experience and developed adequate strategies to tackle with the real challenges of the retail industry like of controlling the Inventory Carrying Costs, Logistics Costs, Shrinkage and the lifespan of the decaying inventory items, especially of those products that carry expiry or best before dates on them. Salt & Pepper Retail practices efficient Procurement System & deploys only the prescribed equipment to maintain the best condition of these products. “We understand the pricing
competition and also strongly believe in Brand & Quality of the product and service,since they all together at least bless with a huge databank & customers’ trust, which if used effectively can be capable for successfully marketing the debuting and high margin products,” says Mr. Hussain confidently.

Best known to provide refined grocery products at competitive prices. “We are receiving the signups from all over India and according to the AWStats we receive 20 thousand visits on average. Great is that our company “MIDDE TRADING HOUSE PRIVATE LIMITED” has now been recognized as a Startup Company and has been awarded with the Startup Recognition Certificate Number DIPP15540, by the Government of India.Now, the company is planning to raise funds to activate its Marketing & Advertising strategies and we are very certain that with these resources we will make a difference in the e-retail community,” he mentions.

The Future Plans – In a Nutshell
With very limited resources and with an 11-member team, the company has built a loyal customer base of 800+ customers and growing and delivered more than 20000 orders. In 2018, the company is working to raise funds to expand its operations exponentially in the same city. “We are also planning to launch the Salt & Pepper Retail in 6 to 8 major cities in South India in the near future,” he adds. The company has projected the annual turnover of 100 crore rupees in the Kurnool city alone and has a long-term goal to operate its business in the 100 largest cities in India.