SAT Sports: Building a Bright Future in Tennis with World - Class Amenities

Srinath Prahlad,,Director& Head Coach

Srinath Prahlad,

Director& Head Coach

Srinath Prahlad, a Former Davis Cup Player who has represented the country in numerous tennis events across the globe was always led by a dream to revolutionize the way on how sports is being delivered in India. Being passionate about sports, Srinath had travelled around the world to impart his best through game or coaching. Deeply influenced by the kind of training, guidance & infrastructure laid in abroad and noticing the country’s immense potential with large number of sports enthusiasts who can re-define sports as a tool for change and an impetus for social transformation, he felt that there was a dire need of a platform that delivers sports in right way out. Thus, with a keen desire to leverage his years of experience and create an opportunity for the youngsters, he came up with SAT Sports Pvt. Ltd., a platform inculcated with world class infrastructure & coaching methodologies.

“The seeds to give back to the game were sown long before I started coaching. Working with best trainers & coaches and having developed my stints in the U.S, I felt that training, guidance
& infrastructure were the main pillars of success. There after, with a dream to build an international-class Academy and educate the players in India I established SAT Sports,” speaks Srinath Prahlad, Director & Head Coach, SAT.

Driven by the motto ‘Lead by Example’, SAT endeavours to contribute towards a better planning & implementation with bringing Indian Tennis at the forefront

Holistic & Game Based Approach
Srinath’s Academy of Tennis (SAT) driven by the motto ‘Lead by Example’ endeavours to contribute towards a better planning & implementation with bringing Indian Tennis at the forefront. Believing that sports is not only a matter of play but a way for embracing life, educating people&infusing discipline, Srinath mentions, “Helping kids to face challenge, develop quality of sportsmanship and good human being within them we try to equip them with basic qualities that ensure to make a difference in the society.” He further adds, “In today’s hectic lifestyle, tennis works as a great stress buster. Empowering it across all age groups we try to assure them with fun, fitness & healthier stay.”

With the vibrant and energetic environment that comprises of synthetic courts, specific fitness
areas, professional trainers & coaches, SAT Sports has designed its program structure based on the level & age group of the kids. The program includes 3 divisions for kids aging from 5-12 years. Also assisting them with a high–performance program for turning them into a professional athlete, SAT Sports covers training services beyond tennis. Capacitated by the coaching philosophy ‘Holistic, & Game based approach’, the training includes 5 key areas, viz. Mental, Physical, Tactical, Technical and Nutrition ®eneration.’ The ancillary services consist of training off court, agility & mobility testing performance enhancement, physio & rehabilitation, video analysis & mind coaching and so on.

Expanding Across Boundaries
Bangalore based SAT Sports cherishes its journey by pinpointing its success till date. The platform has 100-120 odd trainees, helped some to achieve scholarship abroad and attain NCAA tour & others. Having worked with great tennis stars like Rohan Bopanna, producinga National champion Vasisht Cheruku, & Kyra Shroff, a silver medalist in Commonwealth Youth Games, 2008 and a competitor for Grand Slam title, SATSports wants to make tennis reach one and all and help them in achieving goals. Growing exponentially since its inception with centres at Bangalore, Srinath concludes, “With the vision to produce word class tennis player and fight the odds with bringing up latest facilities, we are planning to open training centres across the country. Currently, we are coming up with a centre in Gujarat.”