Sat Tattvam: Making High Quality Products Using Hemp

 Darshan Makwana,FounderThere is a huge stigma that revolves around hemp based products, especially when people consider hemp as a toxic substance. However, with the latest research suggests that hemp can be put to use in multiple uses and it can significantly add to the economy when commercialized the right way. Realizing these benefits of hemp, Sat Tattvam started its venture in the year 2021.

Sat Tattvam is a Hemp based products brand offering a nutritional range of products and a personal care range of products. “Our goal is to create awareness and make people experience the amazing benefits of Cannabis and remove the stigma around it”, says Darshan Makwana.

The recent rise in the awareness among people about hemp has been a huge opportunity for brand such as Sat Tattvam to explore their possibilities in the segment. The benefit of this is that the stigma has been substantially reduced and businesses can now leverage the underlying opportunity that Hemp comes with. Hemp is a plant that benefits all the stakeholders, the natural resources, the farmers, the manufacturers, the consumers so it's increase in demand is actually a very good thing on the larger POV. This also favors the emerging brands.
Affordable Range Of Nutritional & Personal Care Products
Sat Tattvam explored the benefits of Cannabis for business possibilities. Cannabis as Hemp has so much potential that it can run a parallel economy. It is possible to make medicines, food products, clothes, bio plastics, bio fuel, bio concrete, furniture and much more products from hemp.

Though the world has accepted the benefits of Hemp with open arms but the lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and the existing restrictions have made it a challenging task to put Hemp to its fullest potential. Sat Tattvam took the most basic route, that is, to make nutritional supplements from the hemp seeds and get people to try that first and gradually open up to the magical powers and world of hemp.

Sat Tattvam offers a range of nutritional products which include the Hemp Seeds, Hemp seed Oil, and the Hemp Protein Powder. It also has a range of personal care products offering Soaps and Face washes made with Hemp Seed Oil. The biggest USP of the brand is that it is offering the entire range at affordable prices than the contemporaries that has made it easier to capitalize its growth in the industry.

An excellent provider of hemp products for nutritional requisites for a healthy living

Also, hemp products can be used by people of all ages that offers brands a wider access to its audience. The raw materials at Sat Tattvam are sourced from Uttarakhand and the company follows stringent quality guidelines seeking all the necessary approvals in place, at every step of the manufacturing process.

Plan Is To Spread Awareness
The short journey for Sat Tattvam has been full of hurdles and the most critical aspect was client acquisition is the most difficult because they were skeptical about hemp at first, about the side effects it might have. Coming this far, the company has a sturdy clientele base, spread pan India, and the acquisition rate has been growing steadily every month. “It's surprising even for us that we have more customers from tier-2 cities than tier-1 cities”, says The future roadmap for Sat Tattvam is to launch some products in the personal care and the food products range.