Satopradhan Vision: Resources To Help You Follow A Sustainable Lifestyle

Sunil Aggarwal,  CEOAs we are already aware, nowadays, there is not even a single family that is free from challenges, physical or mental. The root cause of most of these challenges is that we have drifted away from the natural way of living & being. We must remember that to change our ‘Sansaar’ (world), we need to first work on changing our ‘Sanskaars’ (Impressions). This is why Satopradhan Vision is here to help all on your journey of ‘Sanskaar Parivartan’ (transformation of old belief systems/ habits).

Founded in 2019, Satopradhan is one such venture that helps all in this much-needed transformation. It is an online Satvic Store where everything is organic, wholesome, plant-based & free of harsh chemicals. As an e-Commerce platform it provides the necessary resources to help one adopt a Wholesome Satvic Diet. Ignited by spiritual wisdom, it aims to create a perfect, disease-free world where everyone is equally happy and healthy. It is not just an organic store or a vegan brand but an expression of love initiated by a deep desire to serve mankind. The venture’s primary goals are to raise awareness among people to improve their health & environment’s health by adopting a sustainable lifestyle & provide all the necessary resources one will need during their transformation journey. While it also promises to provide the best quality at the most effective prices.

Satopradhan offers incredibly healthy plant based alternatives to animal milk and dairy
products without artificial colouring, flavouring, or preservatives, like Pure Coconut Milk Powder: It is the best dairy milk substitute for lactose intolerance, and advised to use it in the absence of fresh coconut milk. Cacao powder is a healthier alternative to commonly used cocoa powder. Cacao Nibs: This is everyone’s favourite, healthiest, and dairy-free substitute for sweetened chocolate chips. Cacao Butter: An improved substitute for conventional dairy butter is cacao butter. Peanut Butter: With 100 percent Peanuts & (nothing else), it is the ideal substitute for frequently used dairy butter. Almond Butter: This is a great substitute for conventional dairy butter because it is made entirely of almonds. To help one easily break your coffee/tea addiction it provides herbal mixes like Tulsi Moringa, Lemongrass Rose, Chamomile Flower & Curry Patta Thyme, and No Coffee Coffee Powder made from organic Kabuli Chana (Chickpeas).

All orders are eco-packaged, Satopradhan only uses 100 percent recyclable or compostable materials to pack its orders to minimize the burden on Mother Earth

With these dairy substitutes, one can transition to a plant-based diet quickly and healthily. An extensive amount of research is done for each resource by the Satopradhan research and development division. It conducts in-depth research on reliable manufacturers and suppliers who deal in related products. Satopradhan has kept temperature control facilities for various resources according to need and has stored its resources in 100 percent recyclable, food-grade, and compostable packaging. All orders are eco-packaged, the venture only uses 100 percent recyclable or compostable materials to pack its orders to minimize the burden on Mother Earth. Satopradhan has had a fantastic journey over the past three years in retrospect. Since then, the venture’s revenue has been increasing, and the firm’s reputation for high-quality products and customer service has led to many repeat customers. The company firmly believes that it operates with the grace and direction of the Godfather Supreme soul.

The ‘Bio Enzyme Based Cleaners’ product line is what Satopradhan is currently concentrating on. The company has developed natural cleaning products containing no harsh chemicals. Six cleaners are available to take the place of all chemical detergents. “The purpose of our Bio Enzyme Project is to educate consumers about what enters their homes and to check the ingredients of the products they use daily. For every home to be free of harmful chemicals and, ultimately, diseases, we want to see these cleaners reach every home”, concludes Sunil Aggarwal, CEO, Satopradhan.