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  • 10 Best Vegan Food Startups – 2023

    Veganism: For Health, Planet & Animals The Evolved Food Consuming Behavior: Today, with more people realizing healthy eating is not about going on a diet but about doing a wholesome investment for long-term life, the intentional eating is rising exponentially. Also, over the time the overall diets have been changed significantly and new trends are emerging for foods that we consume. This constantly evolving food selections, availability and science gives birth to many diet trends that include flexitarian, organic, functional or value, plant-based (vegan food) and gluten-free diets, which are paramount in order to maintain the general and oral health of individuals. With the onset of this huge demand for plant-based food products, there have been numerous industry players and...

10 Best Vegan Food Startups – 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Evo Foods Evo Foods Shraddha Bhansali, Co-Founder & COO A plant-based egg startup using cutting-edge science and technology to create a next generation of plant based substitutes for animal products
Good Dot Good Dot Abhishek Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO A food tech start-up bringing plant-based proteins providing protein and taste of meat at an affordable price but with a healthier and cruelty-free option
Imposter Meat Imposter Meat Nikhil David Prakash, Founder & Managing Director A vegan meat company that is changing the way people think about non-veg food also high in protein with the same protein content as that of beef and most of its products that need minimal cooking
Mister Veg Foods Mister Veg Foods Simarjeet Singh , Founder Director A startup, completly bypassing the animal agriculture to the new innovative plant based technology and focusing to create nutritious plant-based cruelty-free meat and seafood alternatives
Oatmax Oatmax Rishi Korde, Founder A manufacturing facility for oat milk building the vision of bringing conscious nutritious choice with eco sustainability together in food and beverages
Piperleaf Piperleaf Anshul Agarwal, Founder & MD A ethical vegan food startup with an objective to introduce vegan food products like chocolates, dairy alternatives and plant-based protein and more
Plantmade Plantmade Prakarshi Pulkit, Chief-Innovation & Operations The firm are into the business of providing, healthy, high protein, low fat, low carb and gluten-free, vegan substitutes of meat, egg and other animal-based food items
Satopradhan Vision Satopradhan Vision Sunil Aggarwal, CEO A specialised satvic store that provides all the necessary resources to help you embrace a satvic lifestyle offering organic, vegan, natural & eco-friendly products
Soft Spot Foods Soft Spot Foods Anushi Patel, Owner A creamery brand that produces 100 percent natural and plant-based cheese providing a range of plant based cheeses and making the transition to a plant based diet
Veclan Veclan Deep Harlalka, Founder A manufacturers & retail of plant based/vegan products reaching out to people and creating awareness about the clean and healthy product alternatives one can enjoy in plant based lifestyle