Scalefusion: Mobile Device & Endpoint Management for Complete Monitoring and Security of Your Device Fleet

Harishanker Kannan,   Co- Founder & CEO

Harishanker Kannan

Co- Founder & CEO

It was not too long ago that Mobile Device Management(MDM) solutions were introduced as one of the essential enterprise solutions. Since then, more organizations have begun to utilize MDM effectively to secure their mobile devices-BYOD. But significant deployment and adoption challenges of MDM have compelled organizations to think beyond the requirement of software agents in controlling every device that upsets experience and invades privacy. To help businesses procure secure and hassle-free cloud-based solutions, Scalefusion, a Pune-based firm provides SaaS-based MDM intended for IT teams to deploy, monitor, and manage business devices with ease. What sets Scalefusion apart as an organization is its clutter-free, easy-to-learn platform that makes it simple for the IT teams to get started with managing the mobile devices used in their organization.

Founded in 2015, Scalefusion is a cross-platform, industry agnostic mobile device management solution that caters to the dynamic needs of enterprises with one common element digital devices. Today, Scalefusion stands at the tipping point as the world transforms into a ‘remote everything’ ecosystem. Its one-of-a-kind solutions are extensively directed to make remote working and remote learning hasslefree. The service portfolio of the brand includes Mobile device management, Enterprise mobility management, BYOD management, and Rugged/Custom device management. Scaling in all aspects, today the product Scalefusion is used by companies across logistics and transportation, retail, manufacturing, education, BFSI, government, construction, mining, healthcare, and lastmile delivery sector.

The Inception Story
The Co-Founders of ProMobi Technologies(Makers of Scalefusion MDM) Mr. HarishankerKannan and Mr. ArnabChakraborty worked together as colleagues at an organization. Back in 2013-14, kiosk technology was rapidly gaining traction and one could see Android kiosks popping at the most unexpected places- from airports to shopping malls to trade expos and retail shops. With their extensive experience in building SaaS solutions, Harishanker and Arnab applied their expertise in the kiosk
domain by quickly building a team and launching the first-ever version of Scalefusion then called MobiLock. It was then an Android-only, kiosk specific solution that was offered as a free app on the Play Store. After the initial market testing, the co-founders very quickly realized that the scope of the product was way beyond kiosk management, and it needed to be OS-agnostic. The existing solutions in the market were bulky, complex, and had a large learning curve some thing that small or medium sized businesses could not afford to invest in, with respect to resources. After acquiring the first set of paying customers, the problem solution fit was well-oiled and the vision to build a full-fledged MDM was developed.

While making Device Management simple with worldclass customer support and reaching greater heights, we always proudly vouch for ‘Make in India

With the right team that was dedicated to making the most easy-to-use MDM platform, Scalefusion metamorphosed into a full blown MDM solution to secure and manage diverse endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, custom devices, POS, and digital signages across Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 operating systems.

Arnab Chakraborty, Co-Founder & CTO

The Rewarding Journey & Promising Plans
The growth journey of Scalefusion has been onwards and upwards. It started with a free standalone Android App in the Play Store in the year 2014, having hit more than 1000 downloads from 20+ countries in the first 2 months and 5000+ downloads in 35+ countries in another 2. In Jan 2015, the Beta version with a 30-day free trial was launched. By the end of the year, the product had 120+ paying customers in 50+ countries, managing 50K+ devices.

“Today, Scalefusion has more than 8000 customers in 120+ countries and we’ve seen a 30-50 percent month-on-month growth in the number of devices under management", the co-founders inform.

They further share, “Our growth roadmap involves focussing on developing solutions with relevant feature sets such as mobile threat defense and OS patch management to diversify the current offering under Scalefusion”.