Schlauworks: Smart with the Name and Smart with the Game

Amresh Sawant & Kaustubh Thengodkar,Co-Founders
Amresh Sawant& KaustubhThengodker

Patience and smart work compiled by a wave of passion creates something of value, something with purpose. Two marketing minds with the common passion in motorcycling met in the vicinity of fellow motorcyclists initiated the insight of their dream company, Schlauworks. Friends since 2002, Amresh Sawant and Kaustubh Thengodkar were the same two minds who decided on creating something unique during a road trip in 2013,and after extended strategic research, their patience finally paid off with the launch of Schlauworks, a sales consultancy and research firm in 2016.

The Journey Begins...
Being motorcycling enthusiasts and always in line with the recent trends, both of them thought it best to cater to the motorcycling community and offer their expertise. Amresh narrates “That was a natural course of action for us. We started with the motorcycling and auto segment because we had knowledge in this domain.” As it stands, Schlauworks now handles the entire sales operations of five motorcycling accessories companies across
India. A healthy network of 150 dealers has been efficiently generated by it to which Schlauworks supplies its client merchandise. They have further expanded to work closely with customers in Finserve and consumer brand segments.

" Schlauworks has been profitable in their two consecutive years of business"

Selling the Right Way!
The effective way to sell and advertise a product is not well known to many companies which lack a dedicated sales team. “There have been great products in the market but owing to the lack of proper sales and marketing strategy, companies are unable to reach their maximum potential” says Amresh.

Amresh brings in his expertise in sales & marketing, working in the international markets with FMCG, Chemicals & Industrial Sectors where as Kaustubh adds his experience of Sales and Customer Service from the Manufacturing Industry. Schlauworks aims to work alongside its clients to first understand their needs and put in place a strategy that suits the client’s ambition, risk appetite & budgets. “Our first client still works with us after 2.5 years”says Amresh. That says a lot about the value Schlauworks adds to that organisation.

“Our aim is to function as an extended sales and marketing team of the client. Schlauworks reduces the operating costs associated with an expanding business by filling in the multiple
roles that are needed for growth”,he adds.

While sales operation remains their strong hold, Schlauworks have been very effective in overhauling existing SMEs and bringing them to work with modern aids, methods and techniques. The fixed term projects are quick and decisive about the time, skills and resources it takes to achieve the set parameters. Prior to completion, an entire handover is given, making the transition very easy for the client.

The Growth Map
Schlauworks has been profitable in their two consecutive years of business. The revenue saw growth of 110 percent YOY in 2017-18. This year, it is set to expand its operations, teams and offerings.

Based in Mumbai and Pune, Schlauworks now handles operations from three locations across the country. But as a sales consultancy and research firm, it has to formulate all the dealings with its client’s customers who are scattered across India. "Sikkim to Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari" asserts Amresh.

In a short span of time, Schlauworks has witnessed atremendous growth and has experienced the market structure profoundly. Amresh concludes,“We are making a difference in the market with our unique service offering. It is not a product, and product always goes out of fashion,with time. Our services will have a long lasting impact on businesses.”