Blutrronix Teknovations: Making The Work Place Smarter & Safer For People

Vishal Sriwastava, Co-Founder & CEO,   Anil Rasal, Co-Founder & CTO

Vishal Sriwastava, Co-Founder & CEO

Anil Rasal, Co-Founder & CTO

One of the most widely discussed trends in the digital age is the intersection of IoT and AI. Due to the pandemic's emergence changing how we live and work in the year 2021, it has acquired new precedence. Today, businesses all over India started to understand that IoT and AI are not just big things or another new term, but rather a technology with real potential to change industries and businesses. Today, IoT and AI are pervasive and affect how we interact with one another, workand communicate.

"Stay assured that our ever-unique range of services will keep your business assets & people safetyfied at all times while you travel through the journey called `life'"

A modern Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) company, Blutrronix aspires to become a recognized authority in the fields of ‘smart workspace solutions’ and ‘smart security solutions’. It offers comprehensive solutions to its clients, assisting them in developing safer campuses, buildings and offices. While ensuring the safety of people and property, smarter and sustainable workplaces help to optimize facility operating costs. With its rich experience of more than three decades in India’s security technology industry and strong international expertise, Blutrronix is fast emerging as India’s most preferred one-stop solution provider. Blutrronix has a unique perspective on the world, it believes in creating a world where people can live and work easy without safety worry.

They have a specialty range of IoT and Video analytics based solutions to satisfy the need for high-value asset protection at the workplace, in retail and in commercial buildings. Blutrronix provides distinctive Fire Alarm Solutions, Building Management Solutions, Facial based access & Visitor management and Command centre solutions.Its solutions are based on the idea of `Active Deterrence', where a 'Crime or Mishap is 'Prevented Before it Happens'to minimize asset damage by integrating the newest remote Alarm Technology with OnSite Surveillance and Fire Safety Systems, thereby enabling the use of potent Video Verification and two-way Voice to Actively Deter an incident.

Today, IoT and AI are pervasive & affect how we interact with one another, work and communicate

"We have grown our network in response to our customer needs by establishing a strong national service support network and a global tech support centre in Mumbai. We now manage connected (IOT) sites across geographies on the back of unmatched services and unwavering product quality, we have amassed the love and trust of our customers” says Anil Rasal, Co-Founder & CTO, Blutrronix Teknovations.

The Blutrronix research labs are working hard to identify the best technological solutions to guarantee a safer and smarter working environment in public places. These cutting-edge modern technologies artificial intelligence, cloud, the internet of everything, machine learning, facial based systems and business analytics remain at the heart of all of Blutrronix's services. The company is one of the most dependable and effective solution providers in the sector due to its customer-driven agenda and agility. Blutrronix has continued to focus on operational effectiveness and has expanded into managed services, primarily in the fields of corporate Security-As-A-Service & Device-As-A-Service. Along with its love for unrivalled services and uncompromising product quality, it has earned the loyalty of its clients over time.

Blutrronix has some of the most sought after global organizations as its customer like Microsoft, British Petroleum, Mastercard, Phoneix malls, Flipkart, Berger paints, St Regies Hotels, Viacom 18 Networks, SPJain Global Management Institute, Lodha, JMC Projects, Wework, Adani Airport and the list goes on.

“In five years time, we strive to be one of the highly admired Innovation driven technology company of security industry in APAC region. Our efforts will benefit our homes, communities, and the entire business world in addition to producing happy customers” concludes Vishal Sriwastava, Co-Founder & CEO, Blutrronix Teknovations.