Seeds Fincap: Cultivating Financial Inclusion & Growth with Series A Funding

 Subhash Chandra Acharya,   MD & CEOIn today's financial landscape, where access to capital remains a challenge for many, Seeds Fincap stands as a reliable partner for underserved individuals and microentrepreneurs. A Delhi NCR-based non-deposit-taking NBFC, Seeds is offering tailored financial solutions that empower entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

With a strong foundation, unwavering commitment to financial inclusion, and a proven track record, Seeds Fincap recently achieved a significant milestone by securing Series A funding. This capital injection will fuel its expansion and contribute positively to India's microfinance sector. With a dedicated team of more than 700 employees, Seeds Fincap has facilitated over 40,000 disbursements, totalling around Rs.340 crore. The institution boasts an impressive Assets Under Management (AUM) Rs.212 crore, solidifying its position in the sector.

Series A Funding: A Catalyst for Growth
The Series A1 funding round, spearheaded by Lok Capital, has injected fresh vigour into Seeds Fincap's expansion plans. Lok Capital's commitment to invest Rs.500 Million in Series A is a testament to the institution's credibility and vision. The first tranche of Rs.300 Million has already been closed, providing Seeds Fincap with the growth capital needed to accelerate its expansion in existing and new geographies.'

Seeds Fincap’s strategic expansion plan encompasses entering new geographies while expanding its footprint in existing states. This move aligns perfectly with the
institution's mission to reach more underserved areas and offer financial inclusion opportunities to a broader audience.

Embracing Technology for Innovation & Efficiency
To keep pace with the evolving market trends, Seeds Fincap is at the forefront of technological innovation. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the institution has introduced regulated operations, reduced risks, minimized human errors, enabled efficient decision-making, and improved communication. These innovations have given Seeds Fincap a competitive edge and enhanced the overall client experience.

Seeds Fincap offers a wide range of financial products and services, including business loans up to 5,00,000 with a 24-month tenure. These loans primarily target individuals in the Trading, Manufacturing, Production, Services, and Dairy industries operating on a micro or small scale. Additionally, consumer durable loans for home appliances and comprehensive life and health insurance coverage for clients, prioritizing their health and security are available.

Seeds Fincap's unique selling points lie in its pre and post-disbursement operations, risk management, and effective governance. The company maintains absolute transparency through 100 percent cashless disbursement and collection, reflecting its commitment to ethical and efficient practices.

A Customer-Centric Approach
Seeds Fincap is committed to providing a customer-centric experience by understanding clients' needs and delivering personalized financial solutions. The firm is gearing up for a promising expansion with a goal to provide crucial financial assistance to MSMEs and to offer an array of financial services to support them. The aim is to enhance the financial well-being of their customers, boost their living standards, and improve their overall quality of life.

Furthermore, the guidance and support from our strategic investor, Lok Capital, play a pivotal role in our path to future growth. Their expertise and direction are invaluable as we embark on this journey, and we're confident that their partnership will play a significant role in our mission to revolutionize the financial landscape for underserved individuals and small business owners nationwide.

Seeds Fincap successful Series A funding marks a significant stride in their journey to become a trusted and most preferred service partner. With a well-defined vision, an unwavering dedication to financial inclusivity, and the support of strategic partners such as Lok Capital, Seeds Fincap is poised to revolutionize the financial landscape for underserved individuals and small business owners nationwide. As they continue to innovate and expand their reach, the future looks exceptionally promising for both Seeds Fincap and the individuals they serve.