SendPyar: Online Gifting Portal

Sangeeta Dhonagde , (Founder) & Family

Sangeeta Dhonagde

(Founder) & Family

Gifts are always special, no matter what the occasion is. The rising trend of personalized gifts has augmented the online gift industry. Consumers are now seen increasingly being engrossed with the concept of finding a variety of options on one platform, buying it within minutes and getting it delivered to the desired location the same day. The trend of consumers buying gifts online and personalizing any product by writing messages or quotes on them is also high on growth. Riding this wave of change is Sydney based SendPyar. The web portal gives access to Indian families living abroad to plan their gifts for all occasions(e.g. Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Christmas anniversary’s, birthdays)Customers can create a free account and select a product that suits their budget. SendPyar allows customers to select products or services and plan their gift for their family member.

“As NRIs, we sometimes find it difficult to trust overseas websites when sending gifts to loved ones on special occasions. After visiting a number of websites,I found it difficult to use my International Credit cards to purchase a gift at short notice. That’s when I felt that the need for developing this web portal and having a global payment gateway. We started the process of
identifying suppliers in India, personally tested suppliers who could fulfil our deliveries and tied up with multiple vendors to ensure that we are able to deliver anywhere in India. This was the beginning and since then, there was no looking back,” speaks Sangeeta Dhonagde.

SendPyar portal gives access to Indian families living abroad to plan their gifts for all occasions

The website was initially developed in India on PHP coordinator framework and within a few months of aggressive marketing and SEO, unfortunately, the website was hacked. The business came to a standstill, costing the team a lot of revenue loss for almost 6 months. “We had discussions with a few IT experts and decided to develop on Shopify platform which was ready in 4 weeks from a New Zealand certified Shopify Developer. This has been a great move and we have been able to scale up and offer great user experience and backend integration,” she explicates.

SendPyar’s primarily targets the NRIs. It offers products such as Flowers & Cakes, Flowers and Chocolates, Flowers and Fruits, Flowers and Sweets, Flowers and Guitar, Sporting Good, among others. With a seamless delivery process anywhere in India, Secure PayPal payment gateway, same day delivery, the company stands out in the crowd. “To ensure sameday delivery of products, we have set up instant payment to suppliers for whom we have no trading history to ensure the product gets delivered as per customers’ request,” she informs.

The Growth
Incepted in 2016, SendPyar has come a long way from where it started. To build the website, initially, it raised funds. Sangeeta enlightens, “We launched the website at an opening Diwali party in Sydney where we had over 200 guests. This helped us build a brand and it was exciting when we fulfilled our first order. To acquire customers, we decided to sponsor Indian community events, and this also helped us build the brands. We gave away numerous prizes and encouraged them to write a positive review on Google and Facebook. These reviews added credibility to the website. Our SEO helped us reach on top of searches.” By 2022, it envisions positioning it as a successful million dollar online company. “Our strength is our team of entrepreneurs who dare to dream and help Australian Indian families to plan their gifts for all occasions to their loved families in India,” she concludes.