SentientGeeks : A Great Work Culture Connecting to the Theory of Success

Tapas Patra ,Co-Founder & Director

Tapas Patra

Co-Founder & Director

A company that goes along with the philosophy of ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, is a Kolkata-based custom software development company called SentientGeeks. The brainchild of Tapas Patra was established in 2016 with a vision to provide robust software solutions to startups and SMEs at a much faster turnaround using tools, framework, and automation. Therefore, to live up to the vision, this entrepreneur crafted an aspirational place to work that promotes collaboration, brainstorming, and foster the spirit of cooperation within the organization. SentientGeeks believes that every employee is an ambassador of its dedication to excellence. The company understands that employee engagement and commitment are essential for workplace happiness and productivity. Therefore, it promotes an atmosphere where people love coming into work every day not because they work on challenging and complex problems, but because of the tremendous amount of fun during good times and getting adequate support during the tough times.

SentientGeeks highly values its team and their commitment to pursuing excellence, serving the customers well, continuing to learn, challenge each other, having fun together, and more. A highperforming team and positive work ambiance are the keys to the company’s success, so it makes the best effort to choose its employees wisely. It looks for highly skilled, innovative, curious, eager to listen, disciplined, and great at planning employees. It also believes that when employees are happy and satisfied at work, their overall personality and productivity is improved. Thus, SentientGeeks takes the necessary steps to appreciate good work and never hesitate to benefit as it is believed to be a part of its growth story.

Some of its key benefits include performance-based annual incentive, stock
options to employees who will serve at least five years with key responsibilities, flexible work schedule based on the requirement of the employee, spending leisure time & offering vacation leaves for outing 4-5 times in a year, and the flexibility of work from home. It appreciates and strongly supports its employees’ desire to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Currently, SentientGeeks has a very low employee attrition rate, which is less than 10 percent.

Building a high-performance team is always SentientGeeks’ core objective. While most companies train with whitepapers and documentation, the company believes in practical experience. Its greatest strength is employees’ team spirit and dedication towards the common goal of client satisfaction. Employees are provided with a challenging yet amicable and encouraging work environment and the best opportunities to advance in hands-on experience. In addition to its training sessions for new hires and regular upgrade programs for experienced personnel, the company helps its people cultivate their manifold talent through continuing professional training specialization in software development technologies, methodologies, and project management. “Our transformational leadership style focuses on working with teams to identify needed change, creating goals, and guide them to achieve it through inspiration.

As leaders, we constantly push our people outside their comfort zone and motivate them to see what they’re capable of. We are focused on building more leaders to guide every team member to guide them through new responsibilities,” says Tapas Patra, Co-Founder & Director, SentientGeeks.

Sentientgeeks is a custom software development firm that specializes in building futureready mobile and web applications for enterprises, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and the public sector

About SentientGeeks
SentientGeeks is a custom software development firm that specializes in building future-ready mobile and web applications for enterprises, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and the public sector. The team of highly skilled IT experts walks the extra mile to provide seamless 24x7 support to its customers with more value than competitors. Changing and unpredictable market trends demand prompt and effective actions. Therefore, SentientGeeks ensure its strategies and processes are flexible and adjustable focusing on growth. The company focuses on personalized solutions for enterprise and entity because it believes that each business is unique. With current market trends and competition, it believes in transparency to build long-term relations with its customers.

Marked its presence in India, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the UK by delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions to 150+ clients, SentientGeeks is planning to expand its market presence and diversify its services in coming days.