SharpNode: Smart Home & Smart City Solutions Based on IoT

Mohit Agnihotri,Founder & CEO

Mohit Agnihotri

Founder & CEO

It all started in 2014 when Mohit, Aditya and Mukesh stayed in a rented house for a period of time along with their other roommates in Jabalpur. One of their roommates lived by a forgetful attitude of not switching off the appliances after using; be it fan, tube light, laptops, computer, PS2. The matter used to recoil every time when they had to pay the electricity bill and adding to that was the house owner’s annoyance. What made the matter even worse was the skyrocketing of the electricity bills with time.

Although changing the attitude could lead to a few months’ lesser electricity bills but things kept repeating. This led them to look for a permanent solution to end this once and for all. And this idea led to the founding story of SharpNode.

A Rollercoaster Ride

Based in Mumbai, SharpNode was officially registered in 2016 with the sole purpose of developing innovative products and solutions
based on IoT focused towards Smart Home solution, Security solution and Smart City Projects.The initial days were undoubtedly tricky for them as they struggled financially in terms of funds and getting investors. Gradually over time they were able to escalate as they got their first funding from a Mumbai based investor in 2016. Until then, they relied on executing projects on a much smaller scale and educating their clients.

Providing innovative solutions to its client at an affordable price, SharpNode has been expanding its wing

Coming from a middle class background and making their products available for every citizen who owns Smartphone, Mohit Agnihotri, Founder, SharpNode, adds “When we decided to start this project we kept middle class families in our mind and proceeded further. Our main purpose was to make it affordable for anyone and everyone”.

Team SharpNode consists of only six members and is entirely driven by technology and excellent marketing capabilities. When designing a quality product, the expense is dropped to minimal and this eventually makes their entire product affordable in the marketwhen compared to the rest. “We are technically strong in software as
well as hardware solutions. Our technical team constantly strives to deliver solutions that are worth as well as affordable,” says Mukesh Singh, Co-founder, Sharp Node.

Innovative Products and Solutions

At present, SharpNode offers products and solution under three verticals, which includes Home Automation, Universal Remote & IP Cameras, each having vivid applications with respect to Smart City Solutions. However, Home Automation & Security being their flagship product, Aditya Pratap Singh, Co-Founder, explains “Home Automation kit comes with smart switches, exceptional cameras to monitor the house using Smartphone, and manually as well. We have included motion sensors for immediate detection of intruders and these sensors automatically notify house owners in the case of emergency”.

Providing innovative solutions to its client at an affordable price, SharpNode has been expanding its wing and the credit goes to their Investors and mentors who are providing continuous support in their endeavors for creating a safe and reliable tomorrows. The company has seen 35-40 percent yearly growth monopolizing the Home Automation scene in India for all the smart city initiatives and stepping into Industrial Automation in the coming years. “Making life simple, safe and better is what we are looking forward to”, concludes Mohit.