SheJobs: Reimagining the Role of Women in Workforce

 Swathi Nelabhatla,  Founder & CEO

Swathi Nelabhatla

Founder & CEO

As businesses look for ways to enhance their company culture and overall productivity, one area of improvement may be diversity in the workplace and more women in the workforce. Though women in India represent 48 percent of the population, they contribute only around 17 percent of GDP compared to 40 percent in China. SHEJOBS, founded in 2019, is a women-focused job portal that connects employers with a diverse pool of candidates across the US and India, supporting women from all walks of life, helping anyone who is marked as a minority and is subjected to stereotypes, such as the LGBTQ+ community, mothers of special needs children, and other minorities.

A key finding of their research shows that more women in the workforce make the company a better place to work for all, regardless of gender. SHEJOBS was founded by Swathi Nelabhatla and evolved from her personal story and every woman's story around her. Organizations today need support to meet their diversity metrics, and SHEJOBS is striving to close the gender gap in the industry and create an inclusive environment. It started off with a portal where women can post their profiles and search for suitable job opportunities. Later, it also started providing personalized upskilling and reskilling programs for women with gaps in their careers to return to work. Next, focusing on women with children, with
disabilities, it also started returnship programs for organizations. “SHEJOBS has become the purpose of my life, and I along with my team want to support women with career gaps”, speaks Swathi Nelabhatla, Founder & CEO.

Helping Women to Return to Work
SHEJOBS is a unique portal focusing more on women and returning them to work. Women can have their resumes posted on the platform and can look for suitable opportunities. They can optionally declare themselves if they belong to any special categories that enables them to reach out to inclusive employers. Job seekers can easily look up an extensive collection of job vacancies through job search engines. Its easy to use dashboard makes adding a resume and filtering jobs very convenient. SHEJOBS offers a range of job choices from top companies and helps with interviews, screening processes, and more, to ensure they get all the help they need. “We also have brought some upskilling and reskilling opportunities through the portal to support women who are willing to come back to work”, adds Swathi Nelabhatla.

SHEJOBS plans on getting into more partnerships with organizations to improve workforce percentages of women at all levels

From posting jobs to scheduling interviews, SHEJOBS provides all the tools employers need to manage hiring across all roles and locations. Powered by a team of diverse and passionate people from the US and India, SHEJOBS helps women get their dream job. It has the best team of 30-40 employees with high aspirations and dreams of helping women return to work. They have worked against all the odds in the past two years to make the impossible possible.SHEJOBS has gained recognition and acknowledgment within a short period. Its founder was recognized among the 20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders, 2021, by Women Leader Magazine, followed by Most Promising & Impact Creating Startups, 2022. The founder was felicitated in the House of Lords, London, the UK, as a Global Inspirational Leader for 2022. Its clientele includes Western Union, CVS, and more.

SHEJOBS' vision is to enable women to achieve their full potential by enabling them to start, restart and rise in their careers, and support more women and underrepresented minority groups to get back to work. It plans on getting into more partnerships with organizations to improve workforce percentages of women at all levels.