ShopR360: Capture Shopper Insights as Never Before

Rajul Tandon & Pranav Bhruguwar,CEO & Co-Founder & COO & Co-Founder

Rajul Tandon & Pranav Bhruguwar

CEO & Co-Founder & COO & Co-Founder

Pranav Bhruguwar was part of a global retail team based in London, UK when he had observed a major gap between the retailers and their understanding of shoppers. Most of the retailers were exposed to limited data availability on current shopping trends consequently affecting the maintenance and sustainability of supply and demand of the products. This was the time when the idea of developing a technology for offline retailers to understand shopper behavior clicked. In 2015, Pranav returned to India and met Rajul Tandon and they discussed the endless possibilities of revolutionizing the Industry and implementing the future prospect of AI technology. Enthusiastic and high spirited, the duo aimed at filling the increasing gap between Online and the Offline retail world. Thus came ShopR360 into being. ShopR360 is a unique cloud-based AI platform that delivers business advantage to brick-and-mortar retail outlets – single brand/multi-brand, hypermarkets, QSR and Mall operators.

The journey of ShopR360 began with a positive note where the
team spent considerable time to build the product, test it to deliver a high level of accuracy before taking it to the market. Elaborating further, Pranav says, “Once we started approaching retailers we got very good response, since the retailers were lacking in information of what’s happening in-store before purchase. We filled a latent need in the market as a result almost all retailer’s we approached ended up giving us a pilot and most signed us on - once we demonstrated the actionable insights it brought to help them increase sales.”

An emerging AI platform, based on shopper proximity that tracks “In-Vicinity” & "In-Store" customers and derives intelligent analytics around their behaviour and loyalty patterns

ShopR360 believes in focusing on their core strengths and delivering value at every step. With so much data being generated these days and available, a business person, whose core focus is to drive their business, has very little time and capacity to crunch through this data. ShopR360, with its combinations of camera’s and sensors’ generate the relevant insights that is used by the clients on as-is basis to understand where does opportunity lies for them to improve profitability and business growth.
ShopR360 Presence

An emerging AI platform that uses existing CCTV Infrastructure and sensors for a brick-and-mortar setup, ShopR360 keeps the shopper at the heart in what they do. “We help retailers understand shopper behaviour in-store; And because we look at this behaviour end-to-end: right from the shopper walk-in to the Mall and then to the Store interacting & trying merchandise all the way to the cash counter resulting in shopping, we claim we bring 360 degree view of the shopper behaviour,” says Pranav.

Continuing to evolve their products to deliver direct and tangible ROI for the clients, team ShopR360 has created many models that help their clients to optimize the operations and sales. Within a short span of time, they have bagged several accolades, few of which includes Retailers Association of India (RAI) – ReTechCon Startup-2016 award, NASSCOM Emerge 50 award – CMO Asia – Most Vibrant Product of the Year Award.

The Expansion Phase

ShopR360 has an illustrious client base across India that consists of Mall Operators, Retailers: which falls into Chains, Department Stores, and Hypermarkets. Perceiving the huge demand for AI technology, Pranav narrates, “We are further expanding our product in Quick Service Restaurants & Hospitality Industry. In the coming years we shall expand use cases in Manufacturing & Warehousing; while expanding our current business to markets outside India.”