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 Gopinathan Ramachandran,  FounderThe very word lingerie seems to put the Indian society off its stroke. It is adjudged to be unmentionables rather than undergarments. This frame of mind has never allowed women of this nation purchase underclothing without a redface. This stigma has even stopped couturiers to custom lingerie of best quality, cutting out the specifications and necessities of the ladies. Such edgy set of circumstances incited Gopinathan Ramachandran to mark the beginning of an odyssey entitled as that invigorate women towards their right of wearing the perfect inner wears. "I heard a lot from my near ones, how they trudged to nose out a shop lingerie store where they could buy what suited them the best but most of the time they would return being disappointed. I discovered women across the country were unhappy with the quality and style of lingerie available in the market. So I decided to avail my knowledge and experience relating to clothing and garment and establish a platform which gives them the facility of finding the right fit, good quality, and affordable products," expresses, Gopinathan Ramachandran, Founder,

The company has made a significant mark in the industry and has become the leading provider of quality lingerie items. The determinants that decided its fruitful fate is its wide variety of under things which are disbursed at reasonable price but are
fashioned considering the latest trends, favourable fabric, colours, sizes, and prints. It entertains the requirements of women belonging to different age. The variety of options that it puts forward are Bra Online, Panty Online, Nightwear, Shapewear, Swimwear Collections and other accessories. Apart from this, is on a mission to create awareness on Importance of Woman rights towards fittest lingerie and to be the top provider of Perfect lingerie to the Women of India. In essence it is treating the stereotypical mindset people have regarding inner wears. And since day one, it has been encouraging women to break boundaries and show their immense love towards their own self. To make things plainer it has constructed an App which can be used to select the offerings and place the orders. "We have a highly creative team who are constantly working towards launching new products. Since it's a platform for women, we have recruited more women and that is because they will understand the demand and need in a better way. We have incorporated the latest technology to build an innovative website and amalgamate creativity with comfort. To further assist our customers make the correct choice we also have kept the option of fitting and trials," he states. is on a mission to create awareness on Importance of Woman rights towards fittest lingerie and to be the top provider of Perfect lingerie to the Women of India

The Positive Advancements
In a short span of time, witnessed huge success. It began its journey with 10 thousand products and today it trades more than 500 products per year. The sales of the company had been magnificent. It made a sale of about 40 thousand."Our company's sales and production is increasing with each passing day. We have been selling 85 100k products per year. We are currently having c900 different products based on the various requirements of women. Above all that we have developed a trustworthy reputation, safeguarding the security and privacy of our customers,"he informs.

Plan for the Upcoming Days:
This bootstrapped company aims to increase its market share in this industry and become the front runner in the manufacturing of luxurious and fine fabrics yet affordable lingerie products. It is at present planning of availing the power of AI and hire talented souls in order to give its customers a new and advanced experience, helping them to get in the right fitting lingerie with the occasion to project their love towards themselves.