SilkyKraftz: A Brand Known for Promoting Sustainable and Eco-friendly Indian Handicraft Items

Sampurna Ganguly, Founder, SilkyKraftz

Sampurna Ganguly

Founder, SilkyKraftz

When it comes to apparel and fashion accessories, majority of the customer demands are dictated by the ever evolving fashion trends. For Indian markets, while the westernization process didn’t has much impact previously, the rapid booming of the e-commerce market has changed that perception. The majority of the people are nowadays opting for trendy apparel as well as accessories that are more convenient to use, readily available as well as are cheaper, they are mostly made of materials that are neither durable nor breathable and are also toxic to both humans as well as nature.

The growing demand for trendy apparel and accessories has also impacted another industry, which is the Indian apparel and handloom industry. For years, Indian manufacturers and handicraft suppliers have provided apparel and accessories that are made of environmentally friendly materials and are long durable.

However, the making duration and efforts involved along with the quality of the product make them a bit costly as compared to the trendy apparels. The high costs and extensive making duration along with the fact that hardly the Indian apparel and accessories are promoted or exhibited on the e-commerce platforms have put a gap of accessibility between the customers and Indian apparel makers resulting in the downfall of our apparel and handicraft industry.

Keeping these things in mind, Sampurna Ganguly founded SilkyKraftz in March 2018. SilkyKraftz deals with sustainable and ecofriendly reusable Indian items such as hand tooled pure leather items, jute bags, Kantha stitch items, and Bamboo goods as well as handcrafted items. The firm is creating a market for these ecofriendly and Indian reusable items while delivering sustainable, reusable, and ecofriendly products to its clients. The organization is dealing with client demands and deliveries both nationally as well as internationally in some of the countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Scandinavian countries, and so on.
Sustainable Products at an Affordable Price
Coming to the products, SilkyKraftz mainly deals with hand tooled pure leather items, jute bags, Kantha stitch items, and Bamboo goods as well as handcrafted items. Some of the other items offered by the firm include hand tooled pure leather boxes in different colors and shapes. Currently, SilkyKraftz is the only organization that deals with hand tooled pure leather boxes in an organized manner and has the largest collection of the same. The Kantha stitch items offered by the organization such as scarves, handbags, jewellery boxes are hand stitched by women artisans who are experts in this craft for many generations.

The organization also offer exclusive canvas painted jute bags by expert painters and also deal with hand tooled ladies clutch bag and pure silk clutch bag. Some of the special offerings by the firm include wedding return gifts, housewarming gifts and gifts related to different festivals such as Diwali, Navratri, Christmas, New Year, and so on. SilkyKraftz also manufactures seasonal special items like various Indian themed candle holders and Holi special designer hampers. The rise in consumer awareness and commitment to buy sustainably due to the pandemic has been helping the ecofriendly market see a rise. Also, more and more customers are nowadays leaning towards reusable and eco-friendly items since they are healthier and have no carbon footprint. SilkyKraftz has always followed fair price regulations. Nowadays customers, especially the millennials, are very much conscious as consumers and they trust the firm to fulfill their needs.

Encouraging Local Artisans
SilkyKraftz has a number of inhouse artisans. Some of those artisans are widely recognized and have their team. The firm provides those artisans a platform to showcase their talent. The QC team at Silky Kraftz personally checks the items before they are accepted and showcased to the customers. The whole thing is not just a business for the organization but also theireffort to create a healthier environment with fewer carbon footprints. So, the firm tries to keep the price as reasonable as possible.

SilkyKraftz works with local artisans and manufacturers and collaborates with some of the award winning artists and their teams who provide the best handicraft items in the industry. There are no middlemen between the organization and those artisans which helps it in keeping the price reasonable. The organization also provides fast delivery time all over India and across the world with a same day dispatch facility when customers order them at the convenience of their homes.

In the last year, SilkyKraftz has seen a rise in revenue by 400% and planning to continue the same. The organization is also planning to expand into home furnishing with pure handloom and hand painted products soon. Their major goal is to increase awareness about ecofriendly Indian items through both the traditional and digital markets.