Simplyfi: Simplifying Processes For Banking & Finance With Undisputed Vigour

Viswanadh Akella,  CEOThe focus on automation has intensified in the global banking industry. Several banks are on the fast track to deploying the latest automation technologies in order to amplify productivity, cost savings and improve customer experiences. While this transformation is not always a smooth path, it will ultimately manifest into a much-matured system with seamless functions. Additionally, automation does not imply a one-size-fits-all approach but allows customized solutions. In this new digital era, banks are learning crucial lessons about workflows and how to more efficiently balance handoffs between man and machine.

NextGeneration Blockchain and AI Solutions
Uniquely positioned in this space is Simplyfi, an ISO-certified company that provides banks with products, services, and solutions that cater to each individual customer's needs. By automating manual tasks and using Blockchain, banks can reduce human errors, streamline interbank transactions, and cross-border payments, and can also improve Trade Finance Operations. A pioneer in building the world's First Trade Financing Platform on Blockchain, the company excels at providing the best nextgeneration Blockchain and AI solution for Banking and Trade Finance. According to Viswanadh Akella, CEO, "Our vision is to make Simplyfi a one-stop global solution for all trade & supply chain parties to execute trade seamlessly and securely. We aim to Simplyfi Trade Finance processes by simplifying the management, tracking and security of domestic as well as international trade transactions. We always strive to keep our team young, energetic and creative and are motivated to provide value and high performance for our clients".

Banking and finance would require high levels of trust intermediation, and also the availability of auditable records, so Blockchain, as a trusted network, can be employed as a natural architecture for a banking system to embrace. It is a trusted network since it is cryptographically encrypted which makes it very difficult to be hacked or stream data without permission. Simplyfi was born as a newage FinTech company who are bridging the gap between general MSMEs and small and medium scale industries, and simplifying the way banking works for them by leveraging technologies like Blockchain and AI. The journey typically begins with an SME requiring working capital where the bank will provide a loan which is then converted into a Blockchain record in their banking system. This complete workflow is engineered on Simplyfi's platform.

Our vision is to make SimplyFI a one-stop global solution for all trade & supply chain parties to execute trade seamlessly & securely

Thoughtful Unparalleled Solutions
Simplyfi's banking solutions include Invoizo, Asia's first Invoice Discounting Marketplace on Blockchain and AI. This Blockchain enabled Invoice Financing Platform enables businesses to have a consistent flow of working capital where one can start trading in less than 5 minutes on the digitized platform with its e-KYC Simba, which is a Blockchain-enabled Trade Finance Automation Platform for banks across the globe that automates entire International Trade Document Scrutiny. SIMBA is capable of converting non-digitized International Trade documents into machine-readable format Intercompany, with which clients can settle all Inter company transactions on this Blockchain platform. Powered by distributed ledger technology the platform serves to validate and process each Intercompany transaction with reduced costs and minimized errors and, Video KYC Solution that makes it easy for the bankers to do their customer's KYC and save a lot of time. Not only bankers but also customers benefit from the e-KYC solution which helps them to complete their KYC process from the comfort of their homes.

Catering to major global banks, the healthcare industry and the government, it has garnered major accolades that have put the company on the map. The journey for Simplyfi was a remarkable one and it has miles to go.