Simulanis Solutions : Bridging the Skills-Gap in Engineering with Immersive AR-VR

Raman Talwar,Founder and CEO

Raman Talwar

Founder and CEO

When Raman Talwar returned to India, after gaining relevant experience within the R&D and manufacturing domains in England, he, like many others noticed the wide skills-gap between industry requirements and the technical knowledge of the engineering students in the country. Furthermore, he noticed that students and professionals alike lacked the cutting edge skill-set as well as the focus on employing computer-aided methods to perform the engineering work. Thus, the training arm of Simulanis was launched with a vision to deliver the requisite tools and techniques, 100 percent in-line with the industry requirements and benchmarks, as needed by the students to perform computer-aided engineering.

A leading research states that one of the top five industries to be dramatically transformed by
Virtual Reality in the near future is education. Thus, it was only a matter of time untilDelhi based Simulanis added Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies to their portfolio. Raman Talwar, Founder and CEO of Simulanis Solutions says, “The reason why we developed AR-VR products for education was simple – to effectively enable students, skill-seeking trainees and industry professionals to visualize technically challenging content, and learn the difficult concepts easily and interactively through immersive AR-VR and 3D gamification methods.”

Simulanis has developed one of the world’s first blended e-learning platform which brings together the best of compelling AR-VR and 3D gamification technologies

In line with their philosophy to develop result-oriented AR-VR products, Simulanis has developed one of the world’s first blended e-learning platform which brings together the best of compelling AR-VR and 3D gamification technologies a host of other interactive learning tools such as engaging videos, interactive 3D
animations, resourceful lectures in PDF or presentation format, and interactive flash-based lessons and assignments.

Simulanishas also put forward their flagship app, SARAL. Raman Talwar explains, “The app is based on our proprietary Augmented Reality learning platform and works in conjunction with our proprietary Magic Books. The user simply has to scan the various images within the book using the cameras on their mobile phones or tablets, and watch it come to life on their mobile or tablet screens. The users can also interact and share their learning experience, marked by the intertwining of the real and virtual worlds, with others on the platform. SARAL makes the learning process fun-filled, visually appealing, more retentive and effective.”

Simulanis has bagged six awards, including the prestigious Asia Regional Award from GESA 2016 within a span of two years since its inception. Envisioning the future road map for the company, Raman Talwar hopes Simulanis to emerge as a global powerhouse in developing next-generation AR-VR content by integrating some of the most advanced robotic peripherals and other AR-VR hardware paraphernalia. He concludes saying that he hopes Simulanis to win a host of global plaudits and gain noteworthy acclaim from all circles for their work.