Sindhur Forge: Offering High-End Complex & Precision Components For The Automotive & Non Automotive Sectors

Jayaraj B Sindhur,Director & CEO

Jayaraj B Sindhur

Director & CEO

Forging is considered the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Forging industry in India has been growing at a rapid pace. In recent times, continuous innovation is the key to stay competitive and in demand in the market. In the components manufacturing industry, one such innovation is cold forging. Opposite to the conventional machining process, cold forging allows high-speed production with little to no waste material as well as creating stronger & more durable products due to the work hardening of the materials. Another major advantage of cold forging is close dimensional tolerance & better surface finish quality.

State-Of-The-Art Technology
Established in 2003, Sindhur Forge Private Limited is one of the leading and trusted Cold Forged and Machined Component Manufacturers in India and is equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities. It was formed with the vision to manufacture and supply high-end complex and precision components for the automotive & non-automotive sectors. Sindhur Forge is well known for developing tricky components. The company aims to keep adding value to the Forging industry. Their motto is 'the delivery of best quality end product at best competitive rates to the customer'.

Basavaraj G Sindhur (Director & Chairman) and Jayaraj B Sindhur (Director & CEO) are currently the driving force of the organization. A lot of dedication and hard work went into the inception of the company by these Directors.

“What makes us different from others is our top-notch commitment to our clients.
We focus on in time delivery and round the clock customer support,” says Jayaraj B Sindhur, CEO at Sindhur Forge.

Sindhur Forge focuses on manufacturing a wide range of products. It offers include flanges, bearing cups, clutch plate hubs, nut control springs, lock nuts, gear shift levers, tappets, clutch starter outs, welding nipples, bottom cups, hexagon nuts, steel bushes, drilling bit blanks, pinions, shafts, pins, mounting blocks and many other precision components. The company is looking forward to including value added products such as aftermarket parts, subassemblies, and more, into its portfolio.

The Heart Of The Company
Speaking about a few of its success stories, the company is the first in the industry to develop 'Mounting Block' via the cold forging process. Also, it is the first to develop Drill Bit Blanks that are used as mining tools.

The heart of any company is the highly committed workforce that puts no stone unturned to deliver the final quality products to the customers

The heart of any company is the highly committed workforce that puts no stone unturned to deliver the final quality products to the customers. “At Sindhur Forge, each of our team members work with passion in a friendly atmosphere and follows proper business ethics,” he adds. The products offered by the company goes through 100 percent input raw material inspection with XRF Metal Analyzer. The stage wise quality inspection ensures zero defective and highly durable products.

The Future Prospects
As innovation is its main forte, Sindhur Forge develops hot forged components in a cold forging manufacturing process to increase the tensile strength and finish of the components. They have also started developing gear profile components. In addition, to meet the upcoming future requirements, the company is planning for higher capacity, fully automated, advanced technology machines. It is also eyeing at expanding its client base globally to scale and grow faster and better.