SleepyCat Crafting : A Workplace Culture Of Continuous Learning

Kabir Siddiq , Founder & CEO

Kabir Siddiq

Founder & CEO

The personality of a company reflects in its work culture. It describes the environment in which people work. The company’s culture includes a plethora of elements such as workplace environment, company’s vision, mission, ethics, value, goals, and expectations. A few companies have a conventional and formal management style, while a few have a team-based culture with employee involvement at all levels. Other companies have an easygoing working environment without many rules and regulations. One such company that fosters a positive work milieu where its employees fit in with the culture and are more likely to enjoy their time at work is a Mumbai headquartered mattress-in-the-box company – SleepyCat.

Starting with a humble beginning back in 2017 in Kolkata with a single person (Kabir Siddiq, Founder & CEO), today, the company has grown to more than 20 employees distributed across geographic locations.

‘Our people are our strength’ – so says the actions at SleepyCat, who is an equal opportunity employer. To keep them engaged and motivated, the company has crafted a fast-paced workplace ambiance of openness and flexibility that offers a landscape of career growth. It takes pride in offering endless opportunities to experienced professionals and newbie job seekers to learn, develop, and grow professionally. Unlike some bigwigs in the industry where the employee’s role is limited to a smaller piece of work, SleepyCat encourages them to step out of their comfort zone to explore other domains, have end-to-end exposure,
and ensure that the learning curve is always on the rise.

This brings a spark of creativity in employees where they are able to solve problems with solutions that are out of their area of expertise.SleepyCat makes its people feel that their work is more than just a job. Right from free dinner, drinks to playing table tennis, the company is obsessed with ensuring productive employees. Kabir says, “We don't follow any strict rules in the company. We have assigned desks for every employee, but they are welcomed to sit anywhere in the office and work. Sometimes they sit in the lounge area, on the couch, on bean bags to work. SleepyCat owns the bliss of a funtasktic organization.”

SleepyCat is one of india’s leading platforms creating a premium all-in-one mattress product with a direct factory-to-consumer model.

About the Brainchild
SleepyCat is one of India’s leading platforms creating a premium all-in-one mattress product with a direct factory-to-consumer model. The company offers unique products to its customers that include the original – 6-inch mattress, the latex – 7-inch mattress, the plus – 8-inch mattress, the baby mattress, pillow, and mattress protector. The mattresses have all the possible features for a great night’s sleep. One of its kind, the SleepyCat pillow is made up of the air gel memory foam and aloe vera that provides the perfect comfort and support. It is CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified. Also, the mattress protector is made with ultra-soft fabric that’s spill proof and completely washable. These products are delivered in an easy-to-carry package with zero delivery charges anywhere across India with easy return and refund policies. The company also offers a 30 nights free trial to its prospective customers.

As a specialized e-Commerce brand, SleepyCat has digitized the experience of buying a mattress to provide the finest service to its customers. Currently, the company has customers from Tier-I and II cities because of easy access through marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon. “Great sleep is a privilege, and we aim to share the cheer with the less fortunate. We have a donation drive that happens very often. We have donated mattresses to children’s shelters and old-age homes and will be donating more in the coming days,” he concludes.

Kabir Siddiq, Founder & Ceo
An innovator at heart driving the values that SleepyCat stands for. Kabir is looking to simplify the complex, improve the obsolete, displace the forgotten, and bring value to everyone through a transparently affordable product. Prior to setting up SleepyCat, he has served in various roles in leading companies.