Snapper Future Tech: Driving the Blockchain Revolution

(L - R) Naresh Jain, Prasanth Surana and Avnish Gupta,Co-Founders

(L-R)Naresh Jain, Prasanth Surana
and Avnish Gupta

Co - Founder

From procuring luxury merchandizes and accessories across the globe, selling them on e-Commerce sites in India to creating a futuristic image search engine platform powered with AI, Prashant Surana’s success story is of perseverance and of great inspiration. Prashant began his endeavours at a very young age. Since childhood days, he loved sci-fi movies and was always fascinated by technology. Growing up, he wanted to become a tech entrepreneur.

In 2015, his dream came true, when his business idea(image-search engine platform powered with AI) got selected at one of the largest tech conferences in Asia, RISE Hong Kong, whereby he pitched his idea alongside other tech enthusiasts, business leaders, and unicorn startups. To his surprise, lots of investors came forward to invest. Since the vision did not match, he decided to run the show alone. At the event, Prashant got introduced to cryptocurrencies. Fascinated by the power of it, he invested in it and began exploring the technology.
“Blockchain was already a buzzword back then. Lot of people had already started developing applications for it. The initial wave had begun! During my travel around the globe, I met the entire community and was fortunate enough to work closely with the Govt. of Andra Pradesh at Fintech Valley in Vishakapatnam for creating use cases around blockchain repository,” mentions Prashant, enthusiastically.

Sharing his concerns,he states “Today, the biggest problem in the world is 'the trust on the internet.' How do you facilitate this value exchange of trust, globally? The answer is Blockchain!”

Building a Technology of Trust for Businesses
In 2017, Snapper Future Tech came to life, where Prashant decided to partner with his family friends, Mr.Naresh Jain & Mr. Avnish Gupta, two industry veterans who have cumulative work experience of 50+ years in IT, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries, and they saw the potential of this technology getting implemented across businesses. That was the start of Snapper Future Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Enabling businesses to adapt safe, secure and resilient systems,Snapper within a short duration of its establishment started building blockchain solutions in E-Governance, Supply Chain Management, BFSI, and Healthcare. Recently, the company was, awarded by HKIBFA (Hong Kong International Blockchain & Financial Association) for demonstrating the leadership, outstanding performance, and contribution to the blockchain
technology, purely because of its research and development of technology solutions. Today, there is no stopping for Snapper, as it has created a whole gamut of solutions based on blockchain technology.

“We not only provide blockchain solutions to businesses but also offer an array of value added technology services through our sister companies and partners, which includes IoT, AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Big Data and others. Thus, we have become a one-stop-shop technology service provider where our clients can completely rely on improving their performance, scalability, privacy, and security among others,” avers Naresh.

The Future is Blockchain
Based in Pune, Snapper Future Tech is building platform for few of their usecases of blockchain technology, and offering services for other use cases aligned with Land Registration, Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, Counterfeit Goods Tracking, Certifications, Loyalty & Reward Management, SCM, Counterfeit Drug Traceability, Crowd Funding/ICO platform and many more.

The team consisting of a mix of young, energetic talents and experienced professionals are set to capture the blockchain enterprise market in the coming days. Optimistic about the future of Snapper Future Tech, Avnish concludes “We want to remain ubiquitous in this space and provide the best blockchain solutions to the enterprise so that they are future ready,today.”