Soch Foods: Healthy Snack for a Healthy You!

Rohit Pugalia, Founder & CEO

Rohit Pugalia

Founder & CEO

The present generation is health conscious and has adopted a healthier lifestyle. But maintaining this healthy way of living is an exigent task. A person has to keep a tab on the par take of food, selecting the healthy tucks for midmeal snacking. Rohit Pugalia, conceptualized an approach to comply with this healthy stipulations. He decided to share the special nosh his wife concocted for him through his venture Soch a granola based brand that promotes healthy snacking and helping people keep up their proposition of following a hale and hearty diet. “My wife would prepare nutritious diet for me; particularly the snacks she made were wondrous. They were tasty and good for health. People mostly tuck into a lot of junk foods to treat their gluttony for snacking. They sometimes even run out of options. So we thought of doling out this unique munch we are eating for years and help the ones who wish to keep an eye on their waist line and cholesterol level,” narrates Rohit Pugalia, Founder & CEO.

The company serves three appetizing varieties of munchies under the brand name Munchilicious. These food items consist of granola a dietary product that is composed of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other such salubrious ingredients. The products are introduced in three piece in the market that comes in toothsome
flavours such as Dark Chocolate, Original and Dry Fruits. Everything is prepared following an exclusivecooking direction which is fabricated by the prime movers’ better half, putting across a very home like touch. Because of this down-home tinge the company has been able to get a Western nutriment accepted by the Indian crowd. “People always look for meals that tantalize the taste buds. No matter how health giving a grub is, unless it is tasty it will not be received favourably. So we in Soch Foods decide to bring forth the benefits of granola but in decorous and tasteful semblance. And the end result is that people both in India and abroad have embraced our products positively,” he states confidently.

The goods are crafted maintaining proper hygiene and provision. The company has incorporated latest technology for the manufacturing, baking, processing and packing. Intrinsically, Soch Foods is playing a bigger role of apprising folks about granola its nourishing properties, making an effort to get it included in the dietary regimes.

Soch Foods serves dietary product that is composed of rolled oats, nuts, honey or other such salubrious ingredients

A Journey towards the Sky
Soch Foods has gained big in a short time. Rooted in the island city, it has built its stature in other chief vicinities such as Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai. In terms of business, the company has clubbed with some of the 5 star hotels in India and has launched itself in Sri Lanka and Singapore. It has also secured clients in the middle eastern markets like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In order to create a stance in the international platform it has even participated in the two largest food exhibitions i.e. Gulfood and Tuttoo food in Milan, Italy where it did receive an affirmative response.

In the near future Soch Foods aspires to extend its services to all the other cities of the country and close deals with the international clients as well. In brief it aims to be a leader in the food processing industry both in its native land and overseas. “We are about to set up an inhouse lab to keep an exception check on the sterility, safety and to further enhance the quality of these munchies. We are planning to come up with new products one of which will be spicy granola,” he concludes.