Sociafluence: Influencer Marketing Platform for Branded Content

Sarthak Parnami,Co-Founder

Sarthak Parnami


New Delhi based Sociafluence is re-defining the complete process of Influencer marketing by introducing technology at the heart of this process. Sarthak Parnami, Co-founder, Sociafluence, defines Influencer marketing in a simple three-step process - Discovering Influencers, Engaging Influencers & Analyzing Campaign/Measure campaign ROI. Through Sociafluence, one can conveniently select desired parameters and get a complete list of social media influencers with contact information about the brand to engage. “We empower brands of all sizes, ranging from a startup to a Fortune 500 company, to carry out their influencer marketing campaigns in a single click,” mentions Sarthak.

As a product company, Sociafluence is known to be the flag bearer of the technology in influencer marketing space that constantly strives to innovate to add more value to both brand and influencer side. The proprietary technology of Sociafluence assists in mapping influencer to a particular category or interest after going through the client’s public content across social media channels and also provides vital
analytics such as Audience Analytics Demographics, Geography), Engagement Metrics, Brand Affinity. “Whenever a brand wants to target a particular geography through regional language influencers, they just need to put in vernacular keywords and we will provide them apt influencers with all the analytics in tow,” he says.

"As a product company, Sociafluence is known to be the flag bearer of the technology in influencer marketing space that constantly strives to innovate to add more value to both brand and influencer side"

The Inception Story
Sarthak is a firm believer of Word of mouth marketing and trusts that the key to an effective WOM marketing is influencers. Few years back when more and more marketers began to explore influencer marketing, Sarthak sensed the imperative role of incorporating technology in order to understand the vast amount of public data present. He along with his cohort did some deep research into the data they had for influencers in public domain and brainstormed on how to capitalize on it. This led to the birth of Sociafluence with technology as its DNA.

The sole idea that led to the inception of the company was to simplify the process of influencer marketing through technology.“For the last two years, we have incorporated latest machine learning techniques to enhance the experience for our stakeholders. This additional layer of intelligence is what made the difference between a regular
agency and Sociafluence,”he informs.

The Core Offerings
Embarking upon the challenges that brand managers come across while incorporating influencer marketing to discover relevant influencers, Sociafluence with its AI based technology presents a genuine picture of an Influencer’s audience metrics and their reach before engaging them for the campaign. This helps brand managers to have an actual understanding of the influencer and the actual reach.

Other than this, the company’s multi channel marketplace helps in carrying out a campaign and provides a sophisticated bidding process for fair pricing of the services provided by the influencer.“We have an in-built content moderation tool for brands looking out to moderate the content before taking it live,” says Sarthak. Team Sociafluence has also developed a Social listening module(in Beta) which will assist the brand in keeping tab of the sentiment amongst influencers for their brand.

The Path towards Growth
“Keep innovating while keeping our lean and agile startup culture intact” – is the driving force behind team Sociafluence. In the last two years, the company has witnessed robust growth in terms of revenue, clients and partners and works towards maintaining 10x growth trajectory for the next five years with launch of Sociafluence’s global module. “Our aim is to enable each and every online user to capture their Sociafluence,” concludes Sarthak.