Solanky Investments (SIPL): Restructuring the Indian Investment Sector by Offering Specialized Solutions

Nishanth Singh, Founder ,Shaktendra Mishra, Co-Founder

Nishanth Singh, Founder

Shaktendra Mishra, Co-Founder

After the US and China, India now has the third-largest startup ecosystem worldwide. In 2021, 44 Indian startups be-came unicorns, bringing the total number of unicorns to 83, with the majority of them operating in the services industry. The Indian government is recognizing the benefits of collaborating with disruptive innovators across the value chain and utilizing their inventions to enhance the provision of public services.

The Startup India project launched in 2016 is an initiative by the government to promote startup culture and cultivate an entrepreneurial environment in India. Also, the pandemic spurred consumer adoption of digital services, assisting startups and new-age firms, which led to increased demand for financial service providers and in-vestment firms.

Established in 2016, Solanky Investments (SIPL) is an investment firm that offers financial services. Two financial veterans with a combined prior experience of 40 years founded the company to serve the financial needs of individuals and corporations. Currently, the firm is helping over 400 high-net-worth families and more than ten corporate clients. The main goal of SIPL is to strive for the Optimization of Wealth.

The firm's strategy is to provide advice to Individual and corporate clients, gain an understanding of their needs and problems, create personalized financial investment portfolios, and provide a wide range of transparent investment options that will meet their financial objectives.
"As a company, we believe in the Indian Growth story and have faith in the Indian startup ecosystem created in the last few years. Digitalization and increased awareness of finance products are two major factors as far as we are concerned", speaks Nishant Singh, Founder, Solanky Investments.

SIPL provides a wide range of goods and services, such as integrated financial planning, wealth management, investments in the capital markets, insurance, and mutual funds, among others. The firm aims to offer independent, superior, and personalized services tailored to each client's needs based on in-person consultations and ongoing evaluation of their financial objectives. The firm's guiding principle is to maximize the value of money held by both individuals and businesses while maintaining a focus on the needs of its clients.

Nishant Singh, Founder
"We have cumulatively spent close to 40 years in financial services. We could see the gap between product/services offering and customer expectations. The Products remain the same as other financial service providers offer, the difference is how you offer it and whether it help you in long-term wealth creation by understanding customers' needs", says Nishant.

We have cumulatively spent close to 40 years in financial services, and we could see the gap between product/services offering and customer expectations

SIPL's extraordinary ability to obtain debt and dilute equity sets the firm apart from its competitors and keeps it ahead in the game.

SIPL currently provides services to more than 400 families worldwide, and over the past two years, a significant portion of the firm's clientele has been acquired through referrals, which is a remarkable achievement. "We are open for organic and inorganic growth; in simple terms, we look forward to growing by 3X yearly for another three-five years and then see where we stand.