Solution Box : Tailored, Pragmatic, Holistic & Enduring Solutions

Prateek Kaushik,  Founder & CEO

Prateek Kaushik, Founder

The road to success for any entrepreneur is all about the ups and downs, and that's part of what makes the rewards at the end satisfactory. It is amazing to see those who discover and live their true purpose, despite the seemingly endless amount of odds that often come with living dreams. It takes courage but the result is worth it. Successful entrepreneurs see the value in really opening up about their journey for the benefit of the next generation of young and aspiring entrepreneurs. One such story is of Prateek Kaushik, a first generation entrepreneur who established Solution Box, a bespoke consulting firm focused in Business Consulting, Management Consulting and Human Resource Consulting. The company serves leading businesses, Government organizations, MNCs, SMEs and is known for trust, reliability, expert team and professionalism.

Solution Box as a venture idea originated as a young dream that was sponsored by Prateek’s wise savings and potential income which he earned during his professional stints. And to only witness this dream turns into a reality, he zeroed in upon setting up a company with the intention of assisting corporates, SMEs, skilled employees, students, fresh graduates, professionals and other consultants to maximize their profits. “The vicinity helped me by providing ample opportunities in my field as there is not even a single player offering all the services under one umbrella. The challenges were quite high so were the opportunities and scopes of
work. With the aid of the Government of India, an increasing number of startups and SMEs are creating a big pool of opportunities wherein they need expert advice at every step. I seized this opportunity and built an organization uniquely equipped to help our clients implement lasting improvements to their businesses with a perfect human touch,” Prateek says.

"Solution Box houses a diversified and expert team that works directly with clients over a defined period of time to develop and enhance their capacity and performance"

Solution Box assists its clients with suitable and tailored programs at every level of their business – either as a trusted consultant to top management or as a hands-on coach for the front line. The company works with top executives to support them make better decisions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.”For every requirement of our clients, we gather an adequate team to meet the desired outcomes. No matter what the challenges are, we focus on delivering visible and profitable results,” he says.

The company houses a diversified and expert team that works directly with clients over a defined period of time to develop and enhance their capacity and performance. The working model at Solution Box is based on the core values of trust, integrity,confidentiality, professionalism and functional speciality. Prateek informs, “We aim to partner customer’s growth by proposing uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring solutions. Further, we always are ethical with our success partners and believe in givers gain and also focuson collaboration instead of competition.”

Growth over the Years
With a strong team of 8 members on board doing exceptionally well, the company brags of a professional yet vibrant work culture where there are no
restrictions of working hours and holidays. “We have flexible work timings and avail our employees the option of working from home. We celebrate festivals and other happy movements together as a family,” he mentions. The portfolio of work at Solution Box ranges from catering to SMEs to established corporates in India, Africa, Dubai, Hongkong and China. It is further willing to spread its wings to Canada, USA and other parts of the world. As far as revenues are concerned, the company is doing moderately well with high expectations of achieving the profits by acquiring the vast untapped market.

Going forward, team Solution Box plans to stick to the basics and keep delivering quality services. The basics are honesty, trust, confidentiality, professionalism and value time over money. “Just be authentic, ethical and deliver what you expect from others. With clear and sharp focus we all can make wonders,” concludes Prateek.

Prateek kaushik, Founder & CEO
A first generation young entrepreneur, Prateek is a result oriented professional and ‘Hands- On’ business leader with extensive national and international exposure in General HR Operations, OD, Business Development, Strategy & Management Advising and Projects. He has a professionally enriched experience of 12+ years in various challenging work environments and industries like Education, Health & Fitness, Gems & Jewelry, IT, IT sourcing, FMCG, BPO, KPO, Print, Hospitality, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Mining & Mining Service, SME’s (service & manufacturing)and Manufacturing with sound functional proficiency in Management, Strategic HRM, Learning & Development, Organizational Development, Performance & Talent Management, Operation Excellence, Statutory Compliance, Industrial relation & BusinessDevelopment, Advising & Projects.