Sopana Yoga: Culture Through Health

Vineesh Kammath R,    FounderThe focus on mental health has continued throughout the year, but it is merely one of the key trends in corporate wellness. Changes in wellness delivery, including how organizations view wellness on a strategic level are right behind it. After realizing how much stress the pandemic was putting on the workforce and that they would need to change their approach to workplace wellness to attract and retain talent, businesses instead moved to improve their benefits and well being programs. They are becoming more productive with proper discipline and 100 percent output as a result of daily yoga practices, which will also help to improve their overall personality development. Yoga is playing a vital role in this aspect of the new millennium.

Sopana Yoga, a new yoga center in Kerala that was founded in 2019, has a mission to offer committed and effective yoga services to anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using a wholly integrative approach. The meaning of Sopanam is ‘Holistic steps’ that leads to the God. Sopana Yoga help you develop your culture while improving your health.

To assist yoga practitioners in deepening their selfpractice and provide everything they need to have a carefree vacation/enjoyable
Yogic experience, Sopana Yoga extends its services to provide Yoga Retreats at Natural Space. Beginner's yoga, intermediate yoga, corporate yoga personalized one-to-one sessions, yoga for kids and families, yoga retreats, virtual sessions, and palliative care yoga sessions are among the yoga classes offered by this studio. The employees leave every yoga class taught by one of Sopana Yoga's certified teachers feeling renewed, reenergized, and prepared to handle workplace stress. Sopana Yoga provides social media services support, and therapeutic consultations on call, using Zoom platforms.

For employees to practice while alone or while offline sessions were suspended due to the coronavirus, Sopana Yoga provides access to virtual sessions. It offers easy practice methods like chair Surya namaskar, hand stretches, and breathing in and out. This enables workers to practice at home and work. The employees will receive 24/7 online support for their practices when they enroll in its session. The studio offers webinars on a variety of subjects, such as yogic practices, stress management, and related subjects. One can create their own with workers who are regarded favorably by their coworkers.

It provides both online and live corporate yoga classes for employees to help them manage their stress and maintain their health. Its USP resembles the model of a Yogic Session. Therapeutic approach Yoga poses, breathing techniques, guided imagery, meditation, and other therapeutic techniques are all used in the yoga therapy method to enhance both mental and physical well-being.

Sopana Yoga promises that every single yoga session with one of its trained instructors leaves one feeling renewed, reenergized, and prepared to handle workplace stress

As a proprietorship company now, Sopana Yoga is planning to grow and scale up its next set of initiatives to produce new yoga teachers, yoga graduates, and a research team through a partner university under the name of a new brand called 'Rithambhara Yoga' in the future. "We want to spread the message that yogic wellbeing can help the next generation develop their culture and establish a yoga club to train and prepare students for the yoga Olympics and other wellness initiatives. We are looking for partners to work with so that we can make our yoga programs more widely known worldwide”, concludes Vineesh Kammath, Founder of Sopana Yoga.