Soulprints: An Exclusive Digital Platform to Archive Beautiful Memories of Your Loved Ones

Immanuel Raj Kumar,FounderThe death of a closed one can often leave us in a downhearted state for weeks, which will be followed by going through their old things, sorting through photographs, packing their stuff and more. No matter how much time a person shares with someone, every life has a story that needs to be shared with the generations to come. In today’s scenario, when digitization has impacted our lives at such mass-level; using online platforms to cherish the memories of our lost ones can seem like a glimmer of hope to keep them with us forever. SoulPrints is one such digital platform which has been developed to treasure the lives of loved ones, share their eulogy, pay tribute, store lovely pictures depicting a life’s story and invite friends and family to visit and pay their homage. The very thought that every life deserves a tribute, a legacy to be left behind and an imprint to eternity is the biggest motivation that led to the turns of events and eventually SoulPrints was established.
Recollecting the inception story of SoulPrints, Immanuel Raj Kumar, Founder and Director says,“It all started when I attended a memorial meeting for a family member who had passed away. As a part of the evening programme, the younger members of the family had taken the effort to put together an audio visual. This presented a good collection of pictures of the person who is no more; recreating all the lovely memories that person has left us with. It was very nostalgic and some of the material gathered for that AV brought to light some interesting things about the person that many of us were unaware of. And in the due course, I found myself attending similar meets and witnessed the same pattern. The one question that I had for my family members was what happens to the AV after the meetings and none of them had an answer. And that’s how SoulPrints was born.”

As a young firm established in 2017, SoulPrints has a bouquet of services which allow users to create beautiful Tributes pages and Online Obituaries that in comparison costs one/tenth of the minimum cost for an obituary advertorial in print(newspapers). The platform displays a special section dedicated for Pet Tributes specially designed to enable the users to create awesome tributes for their loved pets that are no more with them, but yet live in their hearts forever. SoulPrints also offers Publishing Obituary and Anniversary Ads in newspapers with an expertise to
help users write eulogies, tributes, create ads and get them published too. The company achieves completeness in what it offers by becoming an aggregator of all Allied Services providers in the ‘after-death’ services sector. “This is our latest offering through our 'Allied Services' section that lists out all services providers from funeral directors, to coffins, to embalming, to repatriation services,to florists to photographers and video grapher. SoulPrints as a site offers every visitor highly relevant, educative and informative content that covers Caring and Planning, Check list and Guidelines, Handling Grief, Writing a eulogy or a tribute and Writing a Will. SoulPrints has a separate section for Celebrity Tributes as well,” mentions Immanuel.

As a new-age start-up founded by two friends Immanuel Raj Kumar and Ravi Ramachandran, the firm aspires to constantly evolve and keep up with the changing business environment influenced majorly by technology advancements. “Constant evolution and total acceptance to changing user needs and providing a satisfying experience can be a driving factor towards growth. In the years to come we will improve technologically to make our platform as user-friendly as possible, and also to develop thoughtful functionalities that goes a long way in connecting with the users’ emotions,” concludes Immanuel.