Sparkt: Collaborating Data Sciences & Emotional Intelligence for Experiential Solutions

Aditya Chandra,Managing Director

Aditya Chandra

Managing Director

The genesis of Sparkt is linked to the singular thought of creating a place that could be called home. Aditya Chandra, Shazeb Shaikh, Sheldon D Souza, Pritesh Angane& Kushal Kaushik have been a part of large network, boutique or digital agency setups and believe that they have carved their own approaches & spaces when it comes to their offering.

During this time, they noticed that the industry is largely focused on creating frameworks and ecosystems that deliver solutions to brands &businesses. Realising that ‘One model suits all’ approach no more stands true, they decided to surface on the trending marketing space. Hence, Sparkt was born with the core idea to enable deep-rooted engagement with the brands &to gain relevance with the consumer of the today through complex multi-channel, consumer & brand experiences.

“Coming from a space of creating something we felt that there is always an opportunity to reinvent the old into new without innovation or over engineering. With the passion to build businesses & brands and turn the unconventional ideas into reality helped us in founding Sparkt,” speaks Shazeb Sheikh, Chief Creative Officer, Sparkt.

Positioned at the sweet spot of ‘Culture, Design & Technology’ Sparkt from a mere 4 people team has grown to a 32-member team and has generated a growth track of 120 percent

Culture, Unconventional Methods & Unique Customer Engagement
Sparkt believes that culture creates an equal value for a company in the future that reflects in the innovative working space of the company itself. Fortifying ‘culture’ as fundamental and being determined by factors viz.‘Self-Governance, Truth, Value & Choice’, Sparkt has emerged as a platform that is collaborated with data science & emotional intelligence to bridge the need gaps with creative & experiential solutions both for the brand & consumers.. Believing to going beyond the brief and giving holistic solutions that have longevity and rooted in consumer reality, it has supplemented short term objectives with consumer insights with understanding of the business ecosystem that enables foresight and definition of a larger vision.

Sparkt today with its unique approach of consulting, starting right from understanding the clients’ business problem to allowing communication, content, technology, experiences, media-based solutions have been able to deliver effective results. The major service area of Sparkt includes consulting, content, products, interactive experiences
& marketing sciences. With its core expertise in complex multi channel initiatives, planning communication, content, technology, and media, the company has been able to win clients like Mahindra Mutual Fund, Star, Star Plus, Times Network, Piramal Housing Finance, Piramal Capital,Times Network One Plus & others. Explaining on its offerings, Shazeb says, “We have built a voice enabled website for Mahindra & Mahindra Mutual Fund. Moreover, striving to bring in a process rigour, creative & strategic finesse to all activities on the band of StarPlus, we have also produced a customer service film for One Plus and are in the stage of developing future facing digital assets for Piramal Capital.” He adds, “Our approach has helped us to develop deep-rooted relations with our clients and make a tangible impact on the clients’ business.”

Planning to Launch Hybrid SaaS Product & Technologies
Positioned at the sweet spot of ‘Culture, Design & Technology’ the company from a mere 4 people team has grown to a 32-member team and has generated a growth track of 120 percent. The company has received 22 awards across various events and has also helped its client star plus to win brand of the year award across various eents.. Shazeb concludes, “We will bring value be it in terms of intelligence from data sciences or leveraging insights from the ever-evolving consumer landscape. Soon planning to launch a Hybrid SaaS product offering for mutual fund businesses we are also in the early stage of exploring methods in data & insights and are planning to leverage trending technologies soon.”