Sporloc: Live to Sports

Perseus Daruwala,Founder The story of Sporloc revolves around Perseus Daruwala, a 25-year-old sports enthusiast who decided to do something more meaningful with his life rather than choosing to go by the norm. At the age of 22 he decided to break stereotype and move out of the regular corporate job. Being a passionate sports enthusiast, he thought of pursuing an idea which had been percolating in his mind. He quit his job in January 2016 and incepted Sporloc. Perseus began his research on different sporting venues across the country and within the next six months, he met most of the ground owners across the country. “My motivation was to create a sporting platform which would one day solve any & every need of a sportsman. Our primary vision is to improve the quality and standard of Sports in India. Sport as a category is not given a lot of importance, and we wish to change that,” says Perseus.

The journey at the start, as Perseus mentions, was difficult. Although there was abundance of motivation and zeal on his part, but zeroing in like minded people with the same level of motivation was tough. “Initially it was about
acquiring as many vendors as possible but this was difficult since vendors were very acquainted with their methods of doing business and taking bookings. Vendors and venue owners were also reluctant to come online, since they had already been pitched by similar sports start-up firms in the past.

With a motivated and passionate team with an average age of 23 years, Sporloc endeavours to encourage more and more individuals to take up sports that is more than just a hobby

Unfortunately, those firms lacked some key elements in their functionalities which left them with having second thoughts on taking the digital leap. Building that faith with the partners was the key to success,”he says. Over the last year, team Sporloc has strived to promote every sport in India and further envisions converting sports from being a mere hobby to a habit in people’s lives.

Promoting Sports across India
Driving the essence of sports with their motto - Live to Sport, Sporloc assists users with solving issues like identifying venues, cashless payments, availability and confirmed bookings – which they term as the 3 Cs: Convenient Process – Confirmed Bookings – Cashless Payments. Throwing light on the same, Perseus avers “Convenience and a fast booking
process are our major strengths. At the click of a button, users can know all the options they have around them for playing their game and the availability of hours”.

The team ensures that they provide adequate information to the customers to enable them to take sound decisions with respect to the sports they wish to play, amenities provided and area amongst others. “The biggest issue faced by our clients is of cancellation and confirmed bookings. We at Sporloc take care of payments for the clients,” he adds.

Sporloc has helped several academies find venues and participants, and has helped execution of multiple tournaments in various sports across Mumbai & Pune. Thanks to the team, the users now know about venues where they can go regularly for playing their game.

Sporloc-Awaiting a Bright Future
With a motivated and passionate team with an average age of 23 years, Sporloc endeavours to encourage more and more individuals to take up sports that are more than just a hobby. The team wants individuals to consider the health benefits and long-term benefits of playing sports on a regular basis. “We are relatively very young still but we are growing at a fast rate. Our registered users and daily active users are increasing week in week. We expect to have our presence Pan-India by the end of 2017. We are aiming at acquiring 1Million registered users by the end of 2019,” Perseus concludes on a keen note.