Sports Reconnect: Inspiring a Fitter Future Generation

Sourav Ghosh & Omkar Torgalkar, Co-Founders Sourav Ghosh & Omkar Torgalkar, both national level table tennis players. In fact, Omkar has won a silver medal in world junior championships. As time progressed, they choose an alternative line of work and moved to a different profession, and table tennis at that point in time didn’t possess much of a great career opportunity.

In retrospection, when they looked back with the same desire and passion for the sport, the duo strongly felt that instead of complaining about the sports scenarios in India, they decided to walk the extra mile by setting-up Sports Reconnect in 2015.

At present, the company is changing the way grassroots sports takes place in India. Sports Reconnect aims to create a platform that will help attract more gold medals for the country in the near future. Sourav remembering his playing days says “I used to travel around 1.5 hrs to get a good quality coaching. Often, people did not know where the good coaching centers existed. So, we decided that if we can provide national level sports training at people’s door steps, say the institutions
where the kid's study or the complexes that they stay near by, it’s surely going to be a winner.”

Sports Reconnect is instrumental in introducing Fitness Quotient (FQ) tests, which measure the exact level of fitness of every individual

A Structured Training Approach - Creating a Result Oriented Culture
In the age of technology and gadgets, the majority of people are hooked on virtual sports. Hence, it is very crucial for them to reconnect to actual physical sports and Sports Reconnect is continuously working towards inspiring the youths by creating a fitter future generation. Over a short span of time, the company has managed to create 20 National, 58 State & 128 District medallists. Also, they have managed to train around 5000 kids across multiple sports, professionally. In addition to this, they have opened 40+ sports centers in Mumbai.

Today, the company has become an integral part of many sports professionals’ success stories and are providing the right kind of infrastructure to boost the entire ecosystem. Further explaining Omkar says, “We have tied-up with institutions and have set specialized sports academy at their respective places. The services are both– curriculum-based, in which the entire school participates and the shortlisted students are given the training to
compete at the professional levels, or an academy based, where in we set up post-school academies in the available infrastructure. We also set up training centers in societies which have their own clubhouses, be it sports clubs or gymkhanas.”

Sports Reconnect recently has ventured into corporate wellness programs where they enhance employee productivity and retention through a multi-faceted approach using ergonomics, dance for fitness, and inter-department competitions in sports among others. The company is instrumental in introducing Fitness Quotient (FQ) tests, which measure the exact level of fitness of every individual. Also, they use a unique methodology to determine the sport which the child is exactly good at and also obtains their interest level called ‘My Circuit’.

In the last two years, in terms of revenue the company has grown 100 percent YoY and this year they envision growing 3x times and plan to open more than 75+ centers by expanding across four cities. Sports Reconnect also got an investor, Dhananjay Sandu, Owner, Tridhatu Builders. Sourav adds “Without his keen business acumen as well as encouragement this growth wouldn’t have been possible.” Further, enthusiastically concluding, Omkar says “We are currently working to automate the entire processes, so that scalability becomes a lot easier and faster. Most important of all, our vision is to have an Olympic Gold Medallist in the next Olympics. So, we expect to scout to the best talent in Indiaby giving them access to best training and make them a champion.”