SportsUnity: A Unique Cricket Quizzing Platform with Cash Rewards

Rishiraj Shrawat,,Chief Operating Officer

Rishiraj Shrawat,

Chief Operating Officer

The game of cricket in India is regarded not only as a mere sport but also as a religion that embodies the spirit of unity, nationality & passion in oneself. With the advent of smartphones & social media applications, the sports sector has witnessed the rise of many applications that are not only focussing on providing live cricket scores but are also helping cricket lovers to keep up with the latest news in the world of cricket. However, the sector has not produced many apps that allow fans to interact with each other in an engaging manner. Sensing an opportunity, SportsUnity began its mission of bringing fans closer to each other through an interactive and exciting cricket quizzing platform.

One of a Kind - App based Quiz Platform
SportsUnity started as an ‘all-in-one’ platform that offered live scores, news and chat. However, they soon realized that they needed to offer something completely different to the incumbents. In a quest to achieve product-market fit, SportsUnity reached out to cricket fans via Whatsapp groups and Facebook posts to gather fresh user insights. Rishiraj avers, “We experimented with various features on
multiple Whatsapp groups to discover what drives the maximum engagement and participation from users and what excites them the most. After various experiments, in-depth analysis and lots of feedback, we finalized on the concept of a unique quizzing platform.”

With great success in their cricket quiz platform, SportsUnity has introduced an exciting cash based game format in the app

SportsUnity offers a two-player game format where users compete in a super over quiz match that consists of 12 questions. Players score runs and take wickets by answering questions with speed and accuracy. Users build their own unique profile with detailed batting and bowling statistics just like a real-life cricketer. As a result, SportsUnity offers their users instant gratification through these 2-minute quizzes with the bonus of enhancing their knowledge of the game in an entertaining manner.

After launching their first version of this concept, SportsUnity received a tremendous response, gathering 150,000 users in less than 6 months with a staggering engagement rate of 18-23 minutes/user per day.

Monetizing the Platform

With this initial success, the team worked on various concepts to monetize the platform, ranging from paid features to an ad based platform. Based on vast user
feedback and extensive market research, SportsUnity introduced a new game format, called ‘Head to Head Battles’, a cash-based game mode, built on top of their existing game-play. Rishiraj explains this in detail, “Two players can pay to compete in a cash match and the player, who exhibits greater knowledge in the quiz, wins and gets to keep the total cash collected from both players. SportsUnity takes a small fee as platform charges. In just over a month of launch, we have already seen 1000+ transactions made on their platform”.

Expanding the Horizons of Sports

With its burgeoning fan-base, SportsUnity aims to add other sports while working tirelessly on scaling their platform.. The 12-member strong team strives to keeps itself abreast with the latest technologies and plans to use some exciting new technological innovations to support massive scale for a growing user base. Focused currently on the Android version to reach its target audience, the company aims to add an iOS app into its mix while continuing to develop new features. Explaining the same, Shrawat concludes, “We are planning to introduce new cash tournaments that will add a totally new dimension to the gameplay experience. Beyond that, we feel that the Indian audience has really opened up to new sports such as football and badminton in the last few years, and hence, we are planning to expand to other sports in 2018”