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Bhupendra Singh, Founder & CEO

Bhupendra Singh

Founder & CEO

Nelson Mandela once quoted, “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, unite the people in a way that little else does and above all, it speaks to the youth in a language they understand & creates hope when once there is only despair”. Believing in the essence of language and fortifying it as an essential tool of communication that bridges the gap between geographical boundaries, people & culture, Gurgaon based online sports portal Sportzwiki endeavours to reach the enthusiastic readers or followers of the sports community by imparting them knowledge on the latest information & news related to sports, driven by the best of quality articles & statistical information from every facet of the game, taking place any where, any time.

Apart from the rich culture and the diverse arts presence, India has always been recognized as the land of sports. Pinpointing the Indian sports as a part of entertainment & unity, Bhupendra Singh, Founder & CEO, Sportzwiki, speaks,“Sports is the soul of India. Being a hub for ancient
games we have seen that in past few years the concerned for lucrative sports and other local sports has lessened to a great extent. So, trying to make people aware and conquer the untapped market, we came up with Sportzwiki, a platform that provides information on the sports of the country accounted with delivering content in all the major vernacular languages.”

With the vision to become the biggest online sports community quenching the thirst of all sports lovers, Sportzwiki covers news, views & opinions on 50 plus sports with over 50mn visitors per month

Sports for Life, Sports for All
The idea of venturing into sports struck Bhupendra Singh in 2013 when he penned down his thoughts to start something in the arena of sports. While working as a founding member for India’s VAS solutions across TELCO globally, he identified that something new can be bought up and change the way of updating people with the sports related information. Knowing that as sports was not his forte, Bhupendra began with a research and to his surprise he found out that not many portals were dealing in sports, precisely in Indian sports.

Touted be one of the fastest growing sports websites in India,
Asia & the world as a whole, Sportzwiki aims to be portal that connects one to all the latest happenings in the world of sports. Derived to change the perspective of the people by promoting sports & creating awareness, the company today offers its services in different languages viz.- English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati & Tamil. Spotting the fact ‘Being competitive is good but being connected matters the most’, Sportzwiki with time tries to engage the readers/followers through various social media platforms.

“We deliver multi sports content in multi languages that keep as above from all the competitors. Designed as a UI/UX platform, we deliver content through video interactions & more. Moreover, we enable the sports author to enhance their skills & pen down their passion for reading, writing through the website,” avers Bhupendra.

Promoting Sports at Grass-root Level
With the vision to become the biggest online sports community quenching the thirst of all sports lover, Sportzwiki today covers news, views & opinions on 50 plus sports with over 50mn visitors per month. Started off as a bootstrapped company with 2-3 members, Sportzwiki today with a full-fledged team of 52 people has been able to with generating grow 300 percent year on year. “As far as the near future is concerned, we will be delivering content in international languages. We are also planning to promote sports at grass-root level in a big way,” concludes Bhupendra.