Labaid Cancer Hospital: Beating Cancer With Its Comprehensive Cancer Care

 Sakif Shamim,  Managing Director

Sakif Shamim

Managing Director

The healthcare sector all over the world is advancing significantly, with major breakthroughs in science making previously incurable diseases curable to varying extents. One of these diseases, is cancer which has been affecting more and more lives every year. In the last decade, there has been a shocking rise in the number of cancer cases across the globe, causing the need for advanced healthcare facilities to be at an all time high. Owing to the changing lifestyles, developing nations like Bangladesh has also been heavily affected by this disease, calling for an elevated demand for specialized facilities equipped to handle such deadly diseases impacting thousands of lives every year. Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Speciality Centre is a completely integrated cancer hospital at the forefront of medical technologies and expertise in Bangladesh. To meet the needs for expert cancer treatment and care, the hospital was established by Dr. A.M. Shamim, a visionary leader with the aspiration of defeating cancer through comprehensive treatments under one roof. Today, this centre is one of the leading cancer hospitals in the nation, and is known for the quality of personalized treatment and kind care provided to all the patients.

Motivation & Vision
Disappointed with the lack of quality facilities and treatment available to cancer patients in the country motivated Dr. Shamim to carve a new path for exploring better treatment for the disease. Initially, the group began with Labaid Diagnostics established with the belief that correct and ontime diagnosis is the key to a cure. Gradually, the organization opened 35 fullfledged diagnostic centers all over Bangladesh. Today, Labaid Cancer Hospital is making a full range of cancer treatment facilities available to patients. These treatments include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, gene therapy, radiotherapy techniques, including all the techniques like 3D CRT IMRT IGRT, rapid arc, stereotactic radiosurgery, SRS, SBRT, brachytherapy (which is also known as the internal radiotherapy), electron beam therapy all under one roof.

With a current 180 bed capacity and a dedicated super speciality for oncology, Labaid is on the mission to ‘Eliminate cancer by providing evidence based personalized care with a human touch’. “We are the only Multidisciplinary super specialty tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh, confidently providing comprehensive health care with the latest medical, surgical, Radiation, and diagnostic facilities. These services are provided by expert medical professionals, skilled nurses, a complete oncology team, and a well-organized multidisciplinary treatment board. We also have highly trained laboratory technologists using state-of-the-art technology. World class surgical and diagnostic facilities with 8 modular operation theaters, and upcoming robotic surgery”, shares Sakif Shamim, Managing Director, Labaid Cancer Hospital.

Ground-Breaking Facilities
Being a patient-centric establishment, Labaid stands out as this is the only healthcare organization that offers the complete treatment right from diagnosis to recovery. Patients can avail world-class standard healthcare and treatment whether they need chemotherapy, surgeries, radiation therapy, and anything in between. With a specialization in Oncology, Labaid is eliminating the need for patients to run to various hospitals and clinics for different procedures. The all under one roof offering not only makes it easier for patients to get quality treatment, but also ensures that patients are not confused by varied opinions at every stage of the treatment.

Going above and beyond, the hospital has also been completely digitized to eliminate any risk of misinformation on account of human error. For instance, the hospital keeps every patient’s health records in an electronic format. “A cancer patient goes through a lot of treatment, not just by oncologists but also physicians and other specialists. As such, they get a lot of reports to which they constantly need to carry. We keep all records digitized so that everything is available to us with respect to the patient’s medical history. We keep these records for 8-10 years for every patient. Additionally, we are also the only facility that provides electronic prescriptions instead of handwritten prescriptions as is the norm in Bangladesh”, further shares Sakif.

Being a patient-centric establishment, labaid stands out as this is the only healthcare organization that offers the complete treatment right from diagnosis to recovery

Complete Range of Solutions
When it comes to the main offerings that the hospital is bringing, the list just keeps on going. As Sakif says, “Whatever facilities and offerings a cancer hospital and super speciality centre can have and should have, we have it all under one roof.” The hospital is associated with about 80-100 expert consultants and doctors that are offering cancer treatment to the patients. The hospital has a dedicated team of oncologists specializing in various oncological streams including medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, gynecological oncology, pediatric oncology, blood cancer specialists, clinical oncology, surgical oncology, and ENT oncology, to name a few. The hospital also has a strong team of medical physicists to help with the radiotherapy planning.

In addition to the team of specialists, the hospital is also equipped with a comprehensive pathology lab fully operational with the latest technological tools and machines. There is also an ICU, and HD and modular advanced operation theaters which meet international standards. Furthermore, the hospital is also equipped with an international standard chemotherapy daycare center, a dialysis center, palliative care unit, and psychotherapy center. In addition to these, the hospital also operates 24*7 emergency units and pharmacy services.

Journey & Future
Starting operation in March 2021, Labaid Cancer Hospital and Super Speciality Centre has come a long way in a short span of time. The hospital is a part of the Labaid Group which is a major conglomerate in Bangladesh spearheaded by Dr. A.M. Shamim. The Labaid Group has four specialty hospitals including a cardiac hospital. The group also owns Labaid Pharmacies offering patients medicines for all types of ailments. Beginning operations right in the middle of the global pandemic, the hospital started out with all the covid protections and protocols in place, scanning every patient, and taking extra precautions to curb the virus. This posed significant challenges to the hospital given the gravity of the situation, made extra worrisome because of the toll covid could take on cancer patients. However, the entire team, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. A.M. Shamim overcame all the challenges faced. Currently, the hospital is equipped with roughly 500 employees and has a complete leadership team consisting of head doctors, Chief Nursing Officer, and so on.

The Labaid Group has a pioneering reputation in the healthcare sector, developed over the past three decades. Continuing on this trajectory, Labaid Cancer Hospital has also redefined trust in the treatment of cancer. For the coming years, the group has some visionary ideas that will revolutionize the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. “It is our vision to open at least 30 smaller cancer centres across all divisions and districts of Bangladesh to make treatment available to more patients. No patient should be deprived of treatment is the idea that keeps us motivated towards this goal. We are also coming up with a 500 bedded Medical College and Hospital to be located in the outskirts of Dhaka. We are planning to bring solid organ transplants like liver transplant, kidney transplant and bone marrow transplant for our patients”, further shares Sakif. In addition to such big plans, the group also has strategic tie-ups that help in technical training and transformation. Furthermore, Labaid also has plans to expand into the UAE region. With continued excellence, the group is sure to redefine the way we look at healthcare.