Srishti Lifestyle: Crafting a Sustainable Future with Eco-Friendly Indian Products

Debjani Banerjee,  FounderI n recent years, the growing awareness of environmental issues and concerns has led to a significant increase in demand for eco-friendly products. Consumers are now more conscious of the impact of their choices on the environment, and as a result, they are seeking out products that are sustainable, ecofriendly, and socially responsible. This shift in consumer behavior has created opportunities for ecofriendly product startups, which are focused on creating products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Srishti Lifestyle is one such startup that is committed to providing eco-friendly products like jute bags and promoting sustainable and biodegradable products.

Established in Pune, the firm aims to act with pace, pride, and passion while providing the best quality jute bags that will yield total customer satisfaction. “We at Srishti Lifestyle specialize in producing custom made shopping bags and tote handbags for companies across India and abroad. We provide every design and fabric material to meet our client’s requirements. Additionally, we also produce an extensive range of products that include cosmetic bags, cooler bags, lunch bags, luggage covers, shopping bags, storage bags, mommy bags, wine bags, sports bags, dust proof covers, stationery, and utilities”, speaks Debjani Banerjee, Founder, Srishti Lifestyle. The company's
mission is to provide a one-stop solution to its clients by offering a comprehensive service that includes material samples, designing, production, quality inspection, and shipment.

Srishti Lifestyle initially started as a company that sourced jute products from Kolkata, the hub of jute manufacturing in India. As the demand for products increased, the firm started its own production unit in Pune. “Starting with just two machines and three employees, we now have 25 machines and 40 employees. The major raw material for our products is sourced from West Bengal, while some diversified products are sourced from Chennai or Andhra Pradesh”, says Debjani. The company's core focus remains on product development, design, and production execution, which is all carried out in their Pune unit.

Srishti Lifestyle aims to promote sustainable living & empower women by generating employment opportunities through its production units and clusters

Founded by Debjani Banerjee, Srishti Lifestyle was started in 2007 with a passion for handcrafted products and Indian natural fibers, especially Jute. She established her brand Craftus for diversified Jute and Indian handloom products and Trotter for travel gear. Debjani works with artisans in her production unit and has developed women’s clusters throughout Maharashtra to empower them and promote Jute as a true substitute for plastic. Currently, the firm operates two kinds of business B2B and sells its own products under the brand name Craftus through its website and social media. “We have a team of efficient and dedicated designers, a skilled workforce, and a dedicated management team who are capable of producing large quantities with the utmost precision”, shares Debjani.

Srishti Lifestyle’s future plan is to expand into the functional apparel industry for kids and women, using eco-friendly and Indian handloom fabrics. The brand aims to offer breathable fabrics such as Khadi and create functional apparel like jackets with multiple pockets that can be worn at social functions, events, or official meetings. This expansion aligns with the brand's commitment to eco-friendliness and promoting Indian handloom products. Srishti Lifestyle also plans to continue customizing products for B2B clients, expanding its product line under the brand name Craftus, and selling through its own website and social media. With a dedicated and efficient team, the brand is poised to continue growing and innovating in the years to come.