Stallion Encore: Creating Human Experience in a Digital World

Vritvi N. Sawant,Founder & CEO

Vritvi N. Sawant

Founder & CEO

Passion and entrepreneurship are inextricably linked. Successful entrepreneurship is achieved by daring to take risks, persevering in the face of numerous setbacks and an inexhaustible reserve of energy and inspiration. In fact, passion for entrepreneurship is often cited as the ultimate source of all these positive things. One such story is of Vritvi N. Sawant who ventured to script her success story in the new age world. As a child, Vritvi was quite enthralled with the idea of entrepreneurs. As time flew, her interest in entrepreneurship was reinforced. However, her family quite not liked the idea of her being into business; they rather favoured convention. But this was just one of the countless greats who jumped through these same hoops of rejection on their path to success. As years flew, there was a sudden turn of events and things didn't work out as per plan. She made her mind to follow her dreams; attended various workshops, upgraded her knowledge, met a few people from the industry, took a few freelance projects to support the process financially. With whatever savings she could manage by then, she invested all in an office, a website, visiting cards and two fresh interns followed by company registration. With the inception of Stallion Encore, she
ventured to charter unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly.

Initially, setting up a proper team, understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the market and stereo-typical challenges were few of the hurdles that she encountered, but with dedication and an open-to-learning attitude, she soon carved a niche in the industry. Throwing light on this, she says, "There still are challenges and will always be! But what I have taken from these, are a lot of lessons to cope up and be in the game. After all, its survival of the fittest! And that's the only way to gain stability in the market."

After all, its survival of the fittest! And that's the only way to gain stability in the market

As a team, Stallion thrives to achieve excellence in integrated marketing solutions through a balanced mix of Designing/Videography, Public Relations, Business strategy & the overall online Reputation Management. Soon, they will house a team of in-house developers for augmented reality & VR along with VFX expertise. Besides, the creative team takes care of the strategic ideas with in-moment marketing. "In India, people connect better with emotions than the product. Hence, we work around the stories to tell, than the product to sell-directly in our strategies. And so far it reaped results," she mentions.

The Road Ahead
A 360 Degree Digital Marketing company with a close-knit team of passionately creative heads & minds, Stallion Encore can be best defined as a Mumbai-based Digital Marketing agency that provides competent digital solutions like SEO, SEM, Social Media Management, Branding & Strategizing. The team at Stallion fondly called as Stallion Heads are workaholics with the right mix of ethics and discipline. They work to-get her to bring out nothing but the best!

Within one year and with its share of highs and lows, Stallion has come a long way to arrive at a successful position. In the coming years, it is likely to broaden its horizons into various cities of the country first and then go international. "We are currently working on releasing an app for a Social Cause called Preaching PAPA.YA, which shall be helping out people with affirmative programmes, mind-management and soothing music." she concludes.